Dreams and Reveries

Welcome to the dream garden. Dreams, when watered with silence, can sprout many transformative experiences.

I have had strong dreams all my life, when shared, the usual reaction is, “wow, that’s weird.” In retrospect, I see that the dreams I’ve had at different times reflected major changes that were taking place in my life. I didn’t have the awareness nor the skill set to read the message they acted out.

It’s not my intention to write a guide book about dreams. I don’t claim to be an authority on dreams nor do I possess the ability to interpret dreams for others. I just want to share how they can be utilized in ones life.

Dreams are gifts bestowed upon us when our minds are slowed enough to be receptive. They are a spiritual tool that is often misunderstood and unused. Dreams speak to us in a language of symbols. They are living hieroglyphics dancing in our minds. What we see, hear and feel in a dream often can’t be taken at face value, it is what the symbols represent to us, that allows us to harvest the information they contain.

I want to share the connection between dreams and meditation and how they can be utilized in our spiritual evolution. We have the ability, through meditation to access the information they bring. When accessed and revisited during meditation they become a very powerful creative visual tool.

I have asked others on spiritual based Facebook sites, how many of them meditate on their dreams and very few do.

It is important to keep a journal and to write down a dream as soon as you can. They seem to be recorded on an Etch A Sketch in our head, any other sudden mental movements shakes them away. Most of mine are in the same notebook I record my meditations in. The more you start recording your dreams the more, successful you become at remembering the experience.

As you begin to follow your dreams and record them, you start having experiences where you will be reminded of earlier dreams and the story they brought. If they are written you can return to them to freshen your memory. The information blends together to help clarify what you’ve dreamt. For me many of the characters in my dreams appear repeatedly and their messages are reinforced. Your dreams and characters in your dreams become a reference library of your personal symbolism. Without the journal the link gets lost.

A short time after the experience I described in, Why Meditative Imagery, I had a dream different than any previous dream I could remember. I plan to add it to this page in time. Since that dream, my dreams have taken a whole different level of importance to me. I have found that if I meditate on the dreams, they often open up like how I would imagine a shamanic journey would be. As far as me gaining understanding of this human journey, it has become one of my most beneficial methods.

I plan to use these dream/meditation experiences as material for short stories. One thing leads to another and one never knows whether to attempt to begin at the beginning or to start where your at, filling in information as you stumble along. Welcome to my stumbles.


Visiting Crane

A gray crane gifted me with its presence this morning.

It came into my dreamscape, moments before I awoke.

It stood beneath the bows of a huge cypress tree, it’s silhouette framed against a morning sky.

The crane and the cypress were surrounded a shimmering silver lake.


I refer to these single picture dreams as snapshot dreams. Often they provide more information than the more complex ones when you meditate on them.

In meditation, I wait for the morning fog to lift and the flurry of thoughts to pass. When the silence thicken, I can inject the images of the dream, in this case the crane.

It was as if it spread its wings and rose above the water. It’s wings gripping the air, pulling itself higher in long slow strokes. Following the wings, my breath fell into rhythm with their beating. The falling wings became my exhale and their upwards sweeps my inhalations. Together we rose as one as if my spirit had slid inside. I knew below us a storm was raging, yet there was peace above it. Everything faded to darkness and as we journeyed on together…

It has become one of my favourite meditation techniques to quite my mind. I have also imagine myself a manta ray swimming in the black sea of consciousness. The silence is thicker when seen as an endless ocean. It is a great way to focus on breathing without distractions. The gift of a dream is always worth the time it takes to meditate on it.

I plan to use where we journeyed to as part of a story to introduce other locations from different dreams.

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