Tying the Hands of The Creator Of All

Morning Meds 12 7 22

I wanted to heal you, but you didn’t believe I would.

I wanted to ease your pain, but you said it was your own.

I wanted you to feel forgiveness, but you thought you deserved the guilt.

I tried to share my unconditional love, but you were taught that it was earned.

You suffer so needlessly when I am always available to help.

You are my everything, there is not a part of you that isn’t a part of me, but my hands are tied, I can only be expressed to you through the way that you believe.

Persistent Traffic

Morning Meds; 12 6 22

Persistent traffic creates a rut of packed soil.
Persistent thoughts create a durable belief.
Our beliefs are how we choose to navigate our lives.
The statement, “I feel like I am in a rut,” may be a more accurate assessment of our thought patterns than we realize.
It is difficult to start a seed in packed earth.
Even if you fill the rut with fresh soil the hardpack beneath it will not allow the root to reach a depth that will allow survival in stressful times; often the hardpack needs to be broken up or removed.
We always have the choice of venturing onto a new path, one of our own design or even temporarily retracing the steps that others have provided.
Once you begin a new path no matter by whom it was created, it becomes your own, for it is our steps that clear the way.
It sometimes takes awhile to see the path clearly and stressful times can detour your progress, but everytime we challenge a belief that is no longer useful to us, we pick away at the hardpack and clear the way to a new path for ourselves.
Our ruts were created by choices, our way out of them is created in the same way.

The Cats Meow

Morning Meds 12 5 22

The miracle of life dances in our being, we take it for granted.

Our spiritual life is granted for we are eternal.

Our physical life is our desired gift.

“Oh, to be human,” whispered the whisperer.
“That’s the cats meow, not the pleasures of success, accomplishments and accumulated wealth.
It is the thrill of living.
To touch matter with your hand.
To feel the burn of cold and the swelter of heat.
To see the contrast of light and dark.
To watch matter, transform to meet your individual survival.
Birds flying, fish swimming, the interchange of oxygen and the interaction of the elements.
The assent of mountains to create valleys to hold the seas.
To watch energy move in slow motion in a tangible way.
To watch life spark, grow and bloom.
To watch it clothe itself by transforming elements into living tissue.
To watch the precision of nature in it’s intelligence to propagate and thrive.
This is the thrill of incarnation.
This is what keeps you coming back.”

Simple Prayer

Morning Meds; 12 4 22

I ask these healing flames to heal my beliefs

from constraints and traps
to liberty and expansion.

From imposed restrictions to granted freedom.

From rules of earth to truths of spirit.

Not demonized humanity, but divine incarnations.

Not bound by present group beliefs, but liberated by beliefs from beyond the beyond.

An Old Soul?

Morning Meds; 12 2 22

“Their an old soul.” They say disregarding our eternal state of being.

For we all are eternal, animated consciousness masquerading as humans.

Eternal shimmers of consciousness,
connected chips off the old block.

It may be that they are not older that any other.

They may just have a milder case of spiritual amnesia and are closer in touch with their eternal memories whether they realize it or not.

“I know what I knew before I came into this world.” can be a delightful mantra.

Choosing to Enjoy

Morning Meds; 12 3 22

We often sacrifice our joy of living when we lament our present experience while wishing it to be another.

Choosing to enjoy our present moments in spite of preferences allows the joy of the present to become pleasant memories.

Two Questions

Morning Meds; 12 1 22

When life seems to stall when in pursuit of desired outcome, there are two questions one can ask.

The answers to one of the questions might get the ball rolling again faster than the other.

You can ask, “What has stopped me?”

This leads to a list of problematic circumstances and situations that are often beyond our control.

The second question you can ask is, “Why am I stopping?”

This puts the ball back in your hands, because you have a say about you.

“I feel overwhelmed,” you have a say in that.

“I’m afraid it will not come to be,” you can adjust your beliefs.

We have access to abilities within ourselves that lay dormant unless they are touched by our inner knowledge that we are one with the Creator Of All.

There will always be circumstances and situations, and there will always be our inner ability to rise to the challenge.

Sometimes the answer is to ask the correct question.

Wagon Rides

Morning Meds 11 30 22

The horse pulls the wagons we ride in.

We direct the horse guiding it where we want to go.

We can expect to see the same scenery as long as we keep guiding the horse the same direction.

Our thoughts and beliefs seem to work in a similar fashion.

Our lives follow our beliefs.

Holding Faith in Your Hand

Morning Meds; 11 27 22

Dreams speak to us in symbols, when we see something in a dream, we know that it represents information about a certain subject.

I wonder if we could do the same with faith.

What are you wishing to create for yourself or another?

Faith has no religious preferences it is just a substance that brings thing into being.

I have always found it interesting that the Bible refers to faith as a substance, “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” (Heb. 11:1)

It sounds as if we could hold faith in our hand.

Thoughts are a form of energy and so are emotions, faith is the imagined physical substance of what you wish to create.

For me, I often have things I wish to see manifested in my life, but at the same time I don’t have a concrete image of what it would look like, all I have a foggy dream.

This morning I asked myself, “If what I wanted and all that is necessary to obtain it, were shaped into a single form what would it look like?”

If I wanted to be a successful writer and the whole dream of that was shaped into a something that I could hold in my hand, how would it look and what would it be?

If we could imagine that form, we would have a tangible form that represents our desires that we could hold in our hand, more importantly our heart and head.

If we have it in the completed form we can look within it for clues, ideas, methods, insights, plan revisal’s and a place to add more of the substance of faith.

The effort to imagine the best symbol activates the wheels of clarity as we attempt to define how success would appear for each of us.

Here are some random thoughts on faith if we see faith as a substance or a tangible energy instead of a concept.

Faith is a shapeshifter shifting from one manifestation to another.

Faith is the portal from one reality to another.

Faith is the substance that allows matter to form.

Faith is a substance that gathers your hopes in their concentrated form, just like a seed contains the form of a plant and all the necessary knowledge that it needs to grow.

Hold faith in your hand and look inside for within is your mature dream in its embryotic form.

Faith is pixie dust, sprinkle it on your dreams.