Altered Perspective

Morning Meds; 10 25 21

Situations and events happen in our lives that cannot be undone and whether by choice or when those choices were made, we may not know.  

That leaves us with our perspectives and our incessant need to label things.  

In this picture, are you the tree or the vine? 

Which is the event and which is the reaction to the event? 

Both of these expressions of living energy are affected by the other and there is no way to undo what has happened.  

One can choose to see oneself as the tree, which is being choked out by the vine or  

one can see oneself as the vine that has used an event as an opportunity to reach greater heights. 

We can label our experiences as we see fit.

I have a thousand eyes

Morning Meds; 10 17 21

Our mental consciousness is like a head with a thousand eyes.

Which eye we choose to focus with sees a different place.

The eyes are like a thousand doors to anywhere and the door we pass through is always a personal choice.

The views we see through any eye is created by our beliefs and the doors we choose to pass through is because it leads to where we believe we need to be.

Creative choice is always ours, for our thoughts creates our worlds.

When we decide to see through a different eye or try a different door, we open up infinite possibilites and can go to wonderful places, the places of our wildest dreams.

Sit in quiet communion with your soul and from this silence a newness is formed.

We begin to see the vastness of unlimited choice and how to make it our own.

We are a formless glimmer of creative Consciousness and from this formless glimmer our experienced realities are born.

Two Posts

These are posts from two years apart that sound like a complete contradiction, maybe a bit of explanation would be helpful.

Most of these posts are what I needed in my life at their time of arrival. I started sharing them in hopes that others struggling with similar things could utilize them too.

The first (2018) deals with events from my present lifetime that I have/had drug along with me.

Events in our life can come to define us if you lock into them. They can become like a costume we wear and the emotions of that costume can swallow up the possibilities of change.

Sometimes it can be difficult to free ourselves once we have clothed ourselves in a certain way. We say “This is just how I am.” and with that declaration we pencil out many other possible choices.

That’s why, I’ve noticed, that these morning post are so repetitive in regards as to where we focus our thoughts. Repetitive thoughts don’t offer us a lot of new opportunities.

As we change our thoughts about ourselves and our percieved world, we can slowly nudge our life in a different direction.

The second post ( 2020) deals with the possibility of past incarnations. I choose to believe them to be valid experiences. I base that on my personal experience and on the work pioneered by Delores Cannon and the many practitioners that have helped people access this information. Of course Buddhism and Hinduism have embraced this belief for centuries.

Practitioners believe that many of our present life struggles are unresolved issues from prior incarnations. Similar to a spiritual memory or comparable to spiritual DNA. Once readdressed the issue in this lifetime often fades away.

I don’t know if it is a proveable phenomena, but I personally have found it to be life changing for myself and for others. Thanks.

Dragging stuff along

Morning Meds; 10 17 18

It is important to address past hurts and experiences, if they seem to be impeding our growth,

but a preoccupation with the past can rob us our future.

It dulls our appreciation of the endless nows we are passing through.

A fixation on ones past, is like trying to complete your spiritual journey while walking backwards.

So much of our growth is learning to let things go, so we are no longer holding ourselves in place.


Morning Meds; 10 17 20

Strewn along the path of our imagined personal journey lie the living embers of lives once lived.

These embers contain lessons learned and are always available to be taken in hand, blown upon with conscious intent and rekindled into flame.

The warmth of their fire, the aroma of their contents and the energy they contain can be reexperienced.

No reason not to make the best of every opportunity afforded to us.

Self containment

Morning Meds; 10 16 21

All the knobs, latches and locks

in the prison of guilt and shame

open from the inside.

This self designed confinement,

whether imagined as a single cell or as a labyrinth,

was constructed by ourselves.

Self acceptance,

self forgiveness and

self love

are the keys that open any lock.

Others can offer encouragement,

but only we can choose

to set ourselves free.