Turtle Ferries

Morning Meds; 10 4 22

A freed soul freshly shedding it’s human shell steps from a shaft of light.

Back-lit, casting a shadow into the Beyond.

Peering into the twilight straining to see a distant movement.

The migration of sky turtles moving across the blackness of space.

Stepping stones streaching to the end of vision.

Their flippers gathering every now and pushing it into the past.

The wake of their movements trailing behind, rippleing the stillness of time.

Each a transporter of souls carrying them upon their back, ferrying them home to the Sea Of Consciousness.

A turtle rising through a shimmer at the feet of the waiting soul, turning around to offer it’s back.

Climbing upon the turles top, the turtle looking back to see and with a wink and a sigh it straighting it’s neck and pulling against the sky.

The excited memories of migration stirred in the memories of the souls.

Memories forgotten while dancing on earth except for homesicknesses lingering wieght.

The inner knowing of a life beyond earth’s menagerie of forms at a place of unhampered unity.

A place where love is all and all is love and a peaceful silence soothes.

Other turtles and other souls migrating back as they journey home.

Family reunions, enlightened realizations,

weights choosen to be borne, dropped into the Sea of Consciousness,

celebrations for another life lived, anticipation of what is next to come.