Persistent Traffic

Morning Meds; 12 6 22

Persistent traffic creates a rut of packed soil.
Persistent thoughts create a durable belief.
Our beliefs are how we choose to navigate our lives.
The statement, “I feel like I am in a rut,” may be a more accurate assessment of our thought patterns than we realize.
It is difficult to start a seed in packed earth.
Even if you fill the rut with fresh soil the hardpack beneath it will not allow the root to reach a depth that will allow survival in stressful times; often the hardpack needs to be broken up or removed.
We always have the choice of venturing onto a new path, one of our own design or even temporarily retracing the steps that others have provided.
Once you begin a new path no matter by whom it was created, it becomes your own, for it is our steps that clear the way.
It sometimes takes a while to see the path clearly and stressful times can detour your progress, but every time we challenge a belief that is no longer useful to us, we pick away at the hardpack and clear the way to a new path for ourselves.
Our ruts were created by choices, our way out of them is created in the same way.

Our Posse’s Voices

Morning Meds; 3 12 19

We are never alone.

Just beyond our busy mind, a silence awaits.

In that quite, the loving voices of all we have ever been and all the whos we could ever be, can be heard.

With them, is our posse of helpers, waiting to give their all in our behalf.

Wanting to provide guidence, waiting to lighten our load.

We are connected to every speck of consciousness that has ever existed.

We are eternal.

We are light.

We only imagine ourselves alone when the sounds of busy, blocks our view and we allow the voice of fear to speak louder than the truth of the silence.

We are all in this together.