Chocolate, Berries, and Bean Pie

Morning Meds; 1 29 23

Chocolate, Berries, and Bean Pie
Three men face each other in a face-to-face circle, they are wearing an old style but modern clothing and they are arguing.

This is what I heard, “There is going to be a war now!”

“Three generations, a stitch out of time, like a chocolate, berries, and bean pie.”

End of dream.

My impression was that there must be a sequence of order when people are born and one of the three gentlemen was born out of sequence.

I didn’t think there was much I could do about that, definitely above my pay grade and it didn’t sound very plausible.

I don’t think that is something someone would screw up.
I definitely didn’t want it to apply to me, sounded like more problem-solving skills than I want to muster.

I didn’t get much when I followed it.

By looking up chocolate, berries, and bean as separate ingredients I found that all three are good signs in a dream.

Cocao is even drunk as a spiritual enlightenment tool in some cultures.

After I was done following the dream and as I started to work on some writing interests, the dream made sense.

A Facebook site I follow put up a goal challenge for the new year and being unable to settle on one goal I am chasing five separate interests.

Some on a daily basis and some that I want to do at least something on during the new month.

A stitch in time speaks of not neglecting something important because things are easier to do when they are fresh and before they create a problem.

The three people are my interests all arguing their case as to how important they are.

All three are great interests, but maybe not as a piece of pie.

While I was making my breakfast I looked out my window to the south and there were three large Crows in this large open lot that borders my yard.

They were close together and each of them walked away from the others almost as if the three people in my dream all turned about face and separated.

The message of the dream is, the farther I walk toward one goal the farther walk away from another.

Gifts from beyond.
The question for me is what is it telling me?
Cool dream.

Goose Dream

Morning Meds; 1 28 23

Short snapshot dream.

Looking out of my hallway window to the south towards a beauty salon.

This view is accurate with where I live.

At the east side of the beauty salon, I first see the silhouette of a full-grown goose. 

It stretched its wings one right after the other.

Then I see a silhouette of a child’s beginners bicycle rolling in front of her. 

End of dream.

When I followed the dream, I first thought about the goose and attempted to fly with it but was interrupted by thoughts of Mother Goose and the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.

I think that is why there was a child’s bike; a bicycle is also a symbol of traveling on a journey.

When I went with the idea of these children’s tales, I saw myself as an ancient wandering traveler entering a city and strewn along the path were gold coins. I could pick up whatever I needed as I continued.

There wasn’t any sense of urgency to collect them, and it carried the feeling that whatever I needed would be provided.

I recently had a dream where I received three bars of gold about the size of bars of soap from out of a paper towel dispenser.

I interpreted that dream sequence as having to do with writing.

When I looked up what a goose means in a dream one interpretation was, “determination, purposeful movement, and being an able pilot for our life’s journey.”

It also said that when they used quills to write, a goose quill was considered the best.

Thought it was a fun fact because I would like to write some children’s books.

Be Yourself Dream

Morning Meds; 1 17 23

I asked for light to flow into my core all night before I went to sleep, this is what I dreamt.


I was part of a role-playing group who were performing magic tricks.

Everyone was worried about how well they could perform.

I was thinking that if you are just yourself you will do alright.

When I first entered the hall where they were performing, I passed a booth where a marine biologist was sorting different species of marine life from one tank to another.

He was moving them one at a time from one long shallow rectangular glass tank into another showing me all the diversity there was.

End of dream

The message seems pretty clear, being yourself is always the best choice.

Just like the endless varieties of human beings, there are also many different parts of us within us.

What we have been taught to search for will stand front and center.

Many of us were not taught to search for our beauty, we were taught to hide the parts that made someone else feel uncomfortable.

As we begin to search within, looking for our beauty, we will find that being ourselves doesn’t have to feel like an act of rebellion, it can be a celebration of individuality and diversity instead.

Seven-degree Map Dream

Morning Meds; 1 22 23

Working in front of a house making something and I am asked, “Have you made the seven-degree map yet?”
I moved closer to the house area, but I don’t recall what happened.

When I returned to where I was working and was relieved to see my saddle was still laying there where I had been working. It was an old saddle from my youth.

I looked to the West across the street at a vacant lot that was overgrown with weeds and thought I should plant some hay there and sell it.

Walking over to the lot I see that I have dug a deep and wide foundation and was waiting for materials.

Questioning myself I wondered if I had gotten all the permits and how much would it cost to have all the steel hauled in so I could line the whole foundation trench with thick steel.

It needed to be able to hold water.

I had to go to the bathroom, so I jumped down into the trench to be out of sight and started relieving myself when I looked up and saw two women to the northwest.

Startled, but hidden I didn’t move.

The lead lady asked, “ Did you make the seven-degree map yet?” I answered, “No, but I will.”
End of dream.

I know the “Making of a map,” has to do with a conversation I recently had on a site called Dream Creators, but the “seven-degree map” didn’t make sense.

I looked up “seven -degree” and to my surprise, it is a rather common term in astrology.

I know nothing about astrology, but there is something called Sabin Symbology having to do with your sign lining up on a certain degree marker.

This is from Sabiansymboligest website.
“Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 7° A cross lying on rocks

This is a symbol of withdrawal from reality in one aspect as means for regrasping it in another, here dramatized by a wholly unnecessary acceptance of the world’s common repudiation or neglect of an individual’s higher ideals.

Implicit in the static symbolism is the need to be active in the cause of every standard or allegiance through which life has been made worthwhile, and the insistent stirring of an inner voice which seeks to quicken the soul to the paramount necessities of its existence.

The keyword is CONSCIENCE.

When positive, the degree is a rugged independence of inner spirit and a courageous rejection of all outer compromise, and when negative, utter timidity of self-interest…. Are you clear on that now? Do we have a 5:5? Have you got the message? We’ve made this mess, so we have to clean it up. No one else is going to do it for us. That’s engraved in stone, you can count on it. So, be about your business. Do the right thing. Do it now. Give yourself an order you can’t refuse. Make it so, then sign below.”
(Sorry so long)

A saddle stands for your beliefs in a sense, what you are riding on, what is carrying you.

The idea of filling a trench that will hold water is in line with another dream.

To be going to the bathroom in a dream is the idea of letting go of unneeded things.

I think it is so cool when you get something you never heard of before in a dream and it fits exactly where you are.

Dreams are gifts from our higher Consciousness.


Balls of Possibility

Morning Meds; 12 27 22

Like a Christmas tree adorned with clear glass balls our future possibilities hang before us.

Every foreseeable and unforeseeable outcome suspended in time, waiting to form.

Each living possibility waiting to expand as it is directed.

Each event or thought birthed by us or those around us affect the contents of all the balls.

They continually adjust to the flurry of change.

Change is brought on by numerous events, but we tend to fixate on the most dramatic,

and fail to see the little changes that proceeded it.

Our future goals can seem to be unreachable.

It seems some dramatic huge event must happen to bring it to fruition.

Start making the little changes and all related possibilities in your possibility balls will change with it.

A steady process of changes in the right direction will allow the dramatic event to expand.

Thoughts are always the predecessor to change, a change in thought will affect more balls than by action alone.

Andrea the Spider Dream

Morning Meds 12 26 22

Dew drops on a spider’s web shimmering on the morning light.

Moments preserved in time to be visited again.

Drops of energy hanging on their eternal strands,

the concentric rings of recorded events.

Guarded by a giant spider, menacing but true of heart,

her sworn purpose to preserve the experiences we create.

Morning event.

To watch a new dew drop form, not from the top down,

but rising from the bottom upwards to attach its conical top.

Not formed from energy outside

but flowing from within by the thoughts we are living.


I meet this spider in the pursuit of a dream,

looking for the lady clothed in a grey mist.

She was standing just beyond the vail of physical form,

holding and offering me a small square box.

My footsteps echoed as I neared the vail, alone in a chamber of silence.

Stepping through the vail, she stood to my left a giant looking down.

and with her above my head a giant spider her fangs and eyes poised.

I stepped back, becoming aware that the floor and the vail were no more,

just a narrow balcony with no rails.

Only darkness behind, beyond, and below

and a spider as large as house.

She straddled the center of an intricate web permeating space,

with a network of shimmering dew drops dangled from its silver cords.

The light of lives or a moment preserved in time.

She spoke, “They are all yours, yours to explore, your continuing history to which you continually add.”

“Why the form of a spider?” I ask, “It frightened me.

You are big enough to eat me.”

She replies, “It is not the form that matters it is the energy beneath the form and the information it carries with it.

I best represent what you need to see.”

Standing on my solitary perch, I ask, “What do I need do?”

“Jump.” She replies.

The spider to me is Andrea, though names like forms don’t matter.

My personal sentinel suspended on strands of woven time.

Our Dreams Persevered

Morning Meds; 12 17 22

Transactions of commitments written on the clouds of time.

Our spoken words preserving a place for us to return to so we can accomplish our dreams.

We sketch our future with our thoughts, and shade and detail it with our choices, but no matter how we get diverted, the dream remains.

(A quotation from a Unity book)
“You can always begin again.”

Flying Sleds


Dream 11/8/22

I love dreams that present a mystery and then at some later random event in your life you get the answer.

Flying Sleds

Morning Meds; 11 13 22

My dream awareness began at midstream in the dream.

I saw a stack of five ladders laying horizontal on the ground or that is how they had been. I had moved some of them and had cut one down to make crossing step so I could make my way down the length of a long trench. I had cut five three-foot-long pieces and positioned them, so they straddled the trench like planks. Someone urgently needed the long ladder for some reason, and they were upset that I had cut them down to make a way across the pit. My mother scolded me and said I should have just left them alone. They needed the ladders to reach a treasure.

(I was a curious child and learned early on that things come apart much easier than they go back together, it was not my fist scolding.)

I walked east down the makeshift bridge down the length of the trench and noticed some funny marking in the sand like tracks but not in a consistent enough pattern to be tracks.

(The markings looked like my crude sketch, 1. being the mark and 2. being what would leave a mark like that. What would leave this impression could be shaped like a glass electrical insulator like they use for high voltage if it wasn’t pushed all the way into the sand and entered at a slight angle.) (It could be something else I don’t know, following energy is consistent with my interests. If someone recognizes this symbol from somewhere, please share.)

 I continued east into a large old barn like structure following the markings. The barn was old and many of the siding planks had deteriorated or had fallen of. I knew I was in an opponent’s compound; enemy seems like to strong of word, but at the same time I knew they meant me harm.

(I have had maybe five or six dreams where I am battling some different dimensional militarized force, this would fall into that type of dream.)

I am part of a small unit of soldiers, and we are making our way down the south interior wall of the barn. I am not sure of the amount, somewhere between ten or twenty.

By now we are on a raised cement floor about eight to ten foot wide and in the center of the barn is a huge rectangular pit. The ground level we are on surrounds the opening. I never investigated the pit to see why it was there or what was in it.

The walkway was filled with old rusty farm equipment and machinery, we had to pick our way through the collection. I bumped into something and made a noise. A soldier behind me whispered that we had to stay quiet, but it was too late, we had been detected.

I never did see the opponent, they were close to invisible, but I saw movement outside the barn through the opening in the siding. They were coming out of an adjacent structure.

“We have to climb higher!” someone yelled behind me.

I looked up into the open rafters above and they were filled with old machinery too, but I noticed these hanging bedframes looking things. They were maybe two feet across and four foot long and tied to the rafters in pairs by small ½ inch woven twine.  They didn’t have a floor but, I knew they were flying sleds. I started to jump up and pull the twine so they would be released, and my fellow soldiers could grab them.

I turned to release the ones above me and a knew that one of my opponents had just jumped onto one of them, I am not sure how I knew because they were still invisible.

I grabbed the twine attached to the front of the frame with my left hand and reached for a higher grip with my right and with the same motion a pole-vaulter uses to clear the bar, I pulled myself up enough to land my right foot on the twine above me. Then as I pushed down with my foot my weight pulled the front of the frame down and catapulted my opponent off the sled. That’s when I woke up.

I have never had the ability to lucid dream, but I sure wish I could have been able to continue the dream.

I won’t go into interpretation, but I was curious about the bed frame sledge, they didn’t make any sense because they didn’t look like a slid at all.

Mystery solved; I watched a show about Egyptian Hieroglyphics. It was about a massive tomb built by and for Padiamenope, who was an Egyptian scribe.

In his burial chamber he had covered the whole ceiling with a hieroglyphic mural and on the mural, there were four Egyptian deities flying on these little representations of Egyptian boats. Flying sleds if you will.

I wouldn’t have made the connection if had not been for a dream I call my Anubis Dream where for a brief moment I painfully felt my face transform into shape of Anubis. That dreams explanation also came by a random later event.

The second sketch is how I saw the sleds. They are not identical but seeing these in a dream and recognizing them as some sort of flying devise and then seeing something similar in a program I randomly recorded two weeks ago is pretty cool, especially since its fits into an Egyptian dream theme I seem to be having. Grabbing ropes in the air fits into the dream I had about hanging strands of light energy. Dreams are gifts from beyond.

I have a screen shoot of the ceiling, but I don’t have permission to post it, if interested the show is,

Decoding Hieroglyphics / Secrets of the Dead on PBS is the show. It is toward the end of the program.

Addition to this post.

When I posted my dream on a dream Facebook site, asking, “If someone recognizes this symbol from somewhere, please share.” Someone posted information about Djed-pillars. Which had never seen them before.

Djed-pillars these are Egyptian artifacts.

When I posted my dream about Flying Sleds on a dream Facebook site, asking, “If someone recognizes a certain symbol / form I saw in a dream from somewhere, please share.” Someone posted information about Djed-pillars, which I had never seen before. It is so much fun when a dream shows you a mystery and then it is solved in our day-to-day world.

Dreams can be amazing experiences.

Day Old Goulash

Morning Meds; 9 31 22

Some foods taste better afters they have sat in the refrigerator for a day. Spaghetti, Goulash, Chilli, you know the ones. All their ingredients and spices blending together as one enhancing the other.

Dreams can be like that, we enjoy them one night, but as they set and gestate in our soul, the ingredients of their provided information blends together as one.

When we revisit them we notice the small details, a pinch of truth here, a small fact there.

We can see the message beneath the symbolism, the energy beneath the form.

Our inner soul dines with the Divine when we dream.

Parts Of Others And Pieces Of You

Morning Meds 9 22 22

Dreams of ice and fire and water and flame

Dreams of evil entities and guardians of love dancing as one in the night

Emotions of hope verses fear battling within

Spectors with renditions of the songs known to your heart

All played out by your created crew, parts of others and pieces of you

Clarity provided in a riddle only you can solve for all its complexity is to create something new.