Balls of Possibility

Morning Meds; 12 27 22

Like a Christmas tree adorned with clear glass balls our future possibilities hang before us.

Every foreseeable and unforeseeable outcome suspended in time, waiting to form.

Each living possibility waiting to expand as it is directed.

Each event or thought birthed by us or those around us affect the contents of all the balls.

They continually adjust to the flurry of change.

Change is brought on by numerous events, but we tend to fixate on the most dramatic,

and fail to see the little changes that proceeded it.

Our future goals can seem to be unreachable.

It seems some dramatic huge event must happen to bring it to fruition.

Start making the little changes and all related possibilities in your possibility balls will change with it.

A steady process of changes in the right direction will allow the dramatic event to expand.

Thoughts are always the predecessor to change, a change in thought will affect more balls than by action alone.

House Of Mirrors

Morning Meds; 4 21 19

It’s difficult for us to escape our house of mirrors until we realize we are in one.

Our thoughts and beliefs mirrored back to us, our creativity realized.

To see behind the scenes we must exit the maze.

Our exit is the portal of our core, silently waiting within.

Spectrum Of Possibility

All along the spectrum of possibility, like runners from a plant, realities rise from it’s activated nodes.

They vine their way into our lives.

The neutrality of the runners allows all our choices to grow, for it is the supplier and the supporter of free will.

We needn’t blame God for what we’ve grown, nor blame ourselves for we learn through excess and lack and we adjust our cultivation accordingly.

Some sprouts/manifestations grow more quickly than others, all affect our perspective.

Habitual feedings of the same thoughts is the source of their accelerated growth.

Fear grows the quickest, fear in small amounts provides guidance, but if it isn’t curbed it becomes invasive.

In time it can affect our overall perceptions and can choke out our hope and joy.

We must create your choices with unconditional love, faith in our Higher Power and the knowledge that we are the gardener of our realities.

We decide what thrives in our garden.

We are unconditionally loved always.

4 7 22