Corn Kernels

Morning Meds; 1 26 23

Our variety of beliefs rattle around in our head like corn kernels in a can and really have no great effect until they are accepted as true.

Once accepted as true, they become our truth, that is when they start to grow.

Corn kernels can only produce more corn, in the same way a belief will replicate similar forms and energies of itself.

Seeds of fear and forlorn will replicate that energy, seeds of trust in the universe will sprout trust and hope.

How we select from the seeds in our mind and what we allow to germinate is entirely up to us.

Thank goodness it is our personal garden; we always have the ability to plant, weed, transplant and cultivate.

If we search within, we will always find a master gardener, it is one of the seeds we carry in our can.

Gift of Imagination

Morning Meds; 1 23 23

Why is imagination our greatest spiritual gift?

There is nothing made by man that didn’t pass through our gift of imagination first.

It is our greatest tool of individuality for we create for ourselves based on our experiences.

If we are not satisfied with our creations we can always imagine change.

Fighting our creations creates struggles, to accept our handiwork as our handiwork allows us to alter our works of creativity.

If we want peaceful surroundings we must use peaceful means to create them.

It is always the energy beneath the form that animates it.

States of Realities

Morning Meds 1 21 23

Traveling through translucent states of variables of reality we squander our wealth here on earth.

Precision and accuracy in our beliefs can pinpoint our state of being and allow us to stay centered.

We are not frail dried leaves blowing in the wind, we are anchored to All There Is, which is steadfast, sure and always at hand, for we are One.

We can focus our intention on where we wish to be, see it as where we already are and let the state envolop us.

When we begin to see what we wish for as already obtained it transforms future into now and now is the moment when everything is created.

Catching a Pinstriped Seal Dream

Morning Meds; 1 20 23 Entering a pool of clear water in a small flat boat past a large outcrop of stone that split the stream. The scenery was similar to the streams in south Missouri and the Smoky Mountains in the eastern U.S. To the south, stood a tall cliff with a ledge of stone shoreline at its base and large metal dock that could rotate towards the north to block the river feeding the pool. The fan blade shaped dock was running the length of the shoreline in an open position resting against the stone ledge. Maneuvering the small flat pontoon like boat past the stone in the stream and over to the northern edge of the pool, I told someone that I wanted to show them something. I tied a lightweight fishing line loaded with bait to the edge of the boat and readied myself to lower it into the water. The deep, clear deep pool was filled with fish as far as could see, many of them looking straight up towards the surface. Seeing a very large one I lowered the bait straight into its mouth. It didn’t fight or struggle, but just sucked it in and instead of fighting it swam up to the edge of the boat and jumped onto the deck. To my surprise it changed into a large pinstriped leopard seal.  Thin yellow stripes ran the length of its body and by its size I thought it was a Leopard Seal, but the markings were wrong. It hung there on the side of the boat half out of the water with its top half on the deck and its tail flippers still in the water. It smiled at me and with a slight jerk of its head it snapped the line. I felt bad that I had caught him with a hook. End of dream. Looking up seals they are considered in most cases to be a lucky creative sign. Yellow being the only thing in color, speaks of emotions.

Mapping locations

Morning Meds 1 15 23

Mapping the locations of locations in the locationless sea of Consciousness

Where portals open to anywhere and everywhere?

Where things that can’t exist do?

Where the only compass to guide you is your morality?

Where imagination natures beyond childish to adult?

Where concepts become things, thoughts walk and words live as entities?

Where the energy unseen, is seen and heard?

Where the constraints of size don’t exist?

Where the laws of physics dissolve?

Where direction is meaningless?

Where oceans exist within oceans and mountains float within Clouds?

Where lowlands of swamps and inhabitable deserts coexist with Utopia and Paradise?

Where time can become water or solidify into crystals of sand?

Where our form can shift and meld with a thought?

Where we can be what we are by being what we are not?

Where we learn we are not what we thought we were?

Where we realize we are much more than we were taught?

Where the extremes of duality reach to infinity yet can merge into a single spec of emptiness?

Where we realize that we are but a shimmer of Consciousness?

Where love and hate, light and dark, good and evil congeal as one?

Where we realize that separation is a fluke?

Where we catch a glimpse of Lao-tzu’s Tao, the Buddhists Beyond the Beyond, Hinduisms Brahma, the “In the beginning God”, Seth’s All There Is?

Where mankind’s attempts to describe the indescribable stand and point into infinite space saying “There is so much more.”

Where all Energy formed and unformed dance at our fingertips for all eternity.

Where we search for the home, we never left?

The locations of locations in the locationless sea, is just a step of focused intent beyond what we thought was real.

Once the glass between them is broken or the vail is parted or we follow a living whim, we are altered in a profound way.

We realize that the perceived boundaries we have used to shape our world are as frail and as illusionary as those within the locationless sea.