Dream, A Visit from Shiva?

Morning Meds 4 22 23


I am a teenager in a large open house with a few other people and I am gleefully ripped on acid.

(It has been a long time ago, but some memories linger)

There is not a lot going on in the dream. I am just wandering around feeling wonderful.

I think to myself, “God, I love this stuff!”

I ran into a dream friend of mine that usually appears as a black giant. I am startled to see him. I confirm a healing he brought to me a long time back. We exchange a few words.

I look out the south front door and there are a small group of young people sitting on the grass watching others act out scripts. It is reminiscent of the school the movie Billy Jack was centered around. (1971)

Some people I didn’t know entered from the southwest and I thought I had woken from the dream.

I lay on my back looking towards the wall of the bedroom and I see some images start to form. They were faces changing their features and then they turned into a cross between a stag deer and a dragon.

It shifted again and became a huge cream-white bull. Its head must have been at least six feet long and its horns extended wider than the bedroom walls.

A white patch appeared on his forehead where a third eye would be and started to glow. The whole bedroom was lit up like daylight.

When the image faded I got up to go to the restroom and the room was still light, when I came back the room was pitch black as a room should be at 11:23 at night.

I am not sure when I was actually awake…

This is the second dream where I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep and there was a presence in the room.

I think the acid trip was the easiest way to show an altered state.

The black giant was there to confirm how I was doing with healing.

The bull could represent the Deity Shiva from Hinduism because of the third eye.

It is the best I have felt when I woke up in years.

Gifts from beyond.

Focusing On our Permanence

Morning Meds; 4 10 23

Which is of the greater importance, a temporary condition or a permanent condition?

Between our temporary human experiences, we return to full awareness of our eternal state of existence.

We are always living expressions of light, whether we are on the earth or if we are planning our return trip.

By focusing on our permanent condition, we are better prepared for the temporary situations that humanness brings our way.

Please Be More Real

Morning Meds; 4 7 23

I asked my guides for a dream that helped me to see them as more real instead of a just a spiritual presence.

I worked as a maintenance man for twelve years before I retired. I worked with mostly the same crew of around seven people.


I am back to work and we are moving a stack of six foot folding tables. They are stacked on end, which is not normal, and we are removing them because they are blocking a door and this will let us get into a room to the south. (present physical life)

Barry is in a hurry to get it done.

We clear the doorway and the room is a mixed bag of debris, some trash and some things we can keep.

Most the crew is there and we busy ourselves with the task. Most the unneeded things are piled to the north-west corner of the large room.(spiritual past)

In the very center of the room looking south we have cleared everything except for three lines or paths of shipping envelopes of a variety of sizes and they are filled with parts that we will need.

To the north center there is a pillar and a short table with a few items on it. The door we cleared is in the background.  I can’t make out what they is on the table. In following the dream I know it represents my meditation altar or table.

There are a few things to the east,  (future) but nothing that stands out. We had finished the job and I am looking at the table to the north as I wake up.

In following the dream my guide reminded me of when I was working the crew I was with are some of the best people I know. Everyone was willing to help each other, if someone was to do a job it got done. They were fun to be around. I was told that my guides are just as real and competent as the human crew I worked with. All I had to do is what I thought my job was and they would take care of theirs.

The three lines of new parts I think is my three creative interests at this time.

Ceramics,  writing, and BQH.

 This dream came the morning of a past life regression I experienced April first.

I will post something about it soon.

My guides did everything they know how to do all I had to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

It was amazing, some of the images were as real as a dream state.


I Can’t See Dream

Morning Meds 3 14 23

The Nature Of Personal Reality, Session 610, June 7, 1972. A Seth Book, Jane Roberts

  “The living picture of the world grows within the mind. The world as it appears to you is like a three-dimensional painting in which each individual takes a hand. Each color, each line appears within it has first been painted within a mind, and only then does it materialize without.

  In this case, however, the artists themselves are a portion of the painting and appears within it. There is no effect in the exterior world that does not spring from an inter source. There is no motion that does not first occur within the mind.

  The great creativity of consciousness is your heritage. It does not belong to mankind alone, however. Each living being possesses it, and the living world consists of spontaneous cooperation that exists between the smallest and the highest, the greatest and the lowly, between the atoms and the molecules and the conscious, reasoning mind.”


   This is new area for me, and I have not written to much about this, but I am pursuing the dream of helping people to help themselves through the process of facilitating past life regressions. Having completed the academic part of the course the next step is to practice with other practitioners to get comfortable with the process.

  I had the opportunity to do my first practice session on March first. The practitioner said I could post the video; I prefer to just mention some of the insights in a non-disclosure way.

  I had talked to the other practitioner I was doing the session with, and they said they have had a difficult time seeing anything at the beginning of a session and are often stuck in a comfortable dark space and that they have had a difficult time getting out of it. It is their safe place.

   I also am unsure if I have mentioned anything in regard to some other dreams I have had, that when I offer to try to help someone, I have dreams that match their situation. It is as if it is me in the dream and I see it out of their eyes. This dream is the sixth time this has happened for me. I am still a bit in the dark about why or what exactly to do with it.

This was the dream I had the night before the session.

I Can’t See Dream 3 1 23

I am entering a salvage/junkyard at night. I can see old pieces of machinery hanging from the corrugated tin covered high walls.

A variety of undefined junk is covering the ground.

There is a large track machine that is tipped over on it’s side. It has two wide long cloth straps attached to hydraulic rollers or pistons, I haven’t seen one just like it before, but it is used to move the scrap around.

I see there in no way out of the area except to leave the way I entered.

As I start to leave suddenly the lights fade and I go blind. I stumble a bit over the debris and realize that I have to sit down and there is no way out.

As I tried to sit down a felt two people grab my arms to help me to be seated so I didn’t fall.

End of dream.

 I follow my dreams through meditation and have done it long enough to know that any blockage I encounter in a dream is a symbolic representation of my personal beliefs. I have learned that I can relax, let my mind settle and follow the images my mind presents and if there is a boundary I can always find a way through, over or around. I can imagine myself changed or the boundary changed. I have very little trouble with opening useful doors that in turn allow me to deal with my waking world. I did not expect this to be any different.

I realized that this was not my usual dream experience and assumed that it was a representation of who I was doing a session with. I imagined the junkyard to be their backlog of unprocessed emotions and events, we all have one. They couldn’t see a way to get out of it, so darkness is more comforting than exposure. I imagined myself righting and repairing the track machine, so it could again do its job of processing the junk that is stored. I then decided to exit the junkyard.

I spent an hour and a half trying to find a comfortable stopping point. I used my inner light as a flashlight, but it was really dim. The walls were unclimbable and impenetrable.  

I finally got myself out of the junkyard itself, but I still was in the extra dark surroundings. No matter what I tried as a solution it just wasn’t confirmed that it was working.

I finally saw what looked like a string of white pearls hanging in the darkness.

 I have seen the representations of past lives in a variety of ways.

 I have seen them as drops of dew on an endless spiderweb, eyelets in the fabric of time as we weave our way from experience to experience like a needle and thread, a little girl skipping through space endlessly blowing bubbles, each bubble a lifetime to be explored. I thought this hanging string of pearls would be the same.

I entered a pearl and instead of a lifetime it was just a small space the size of an average room. It was lit well enough to let me relax and feel comfortable enough to end my meditation.

When I opened my eyes and regrouped my first thought was, “What the hell was that?” I have not had that much trouble maneuvering my way through a dream reference for long time.

The whisperer whispered, “You were in a thought bubble.”

This whole meditation process was a meditative representation of what Seth opens his book with that I posted at the top of this post. (Session 610)

The session I had with the other practitioner, went exactly the same as the meditation. We did get out of the dark safe room through a ripple in space, but it opened into a dark universe with a dead planet. We discovered some junk from this lifetime that is most likely the cause of the need for a safe dark room and we ended in a better lit safe room. Their protective thought bubble that offers relief from unprocessed debris.

I think I initiated the start of a healing process, but I feel bad that I couldn’t offer more of a way to resolve the conflict.

Since this experience I have been looking at this situation my friend has, as their thought bubble and I have started to take the time to look at all the things I have created in my life in the manner Seth proposes. The amount of creative freewill it offers is endless. I have been looking at those things that I have struggled with as echoes of what my beliefs and thought have decorated my thought bubble with, knowing that as soon as I start to imagine and create a more pleasing reality the sooner it will be painted on the world I see.  

It is not a difficult process, I send love to the old belief, many of which were well intended, but no longer useful or even valid in light of new information. If it is a big one, I just chip a chip in it with a hammer of doubt and ask the universe for the healthiest most useful thought that will help me to create a more comfortable place for myself and others. It might take a bit to undo some of the collateral damage my thoughts have produced, but that is a thought that can be changed too.

It is just a bubble; I don’t have to stay in it. I thought this idea might be useful to someone else.

Pebble in a Shoe

Morning Meds; 2 26 23

Repetition of actions are brought about by repetitions of thoughts.

The same thought will always bring the same results.

It takes the introduction of new thoughts to produce change.

For me this morning.

“The size of your fear is a pebble on a beach compared to the sands that surround the seas.

Tiny, minute, incredibly small.

It seems large if you carry it in your shoe.

Take your shoes off so you can walk on the beach.

The shoe is the cloak of beliefs that you clothe yourself in.”

Creating thoughts that counter our fears can enlarge them.

Creating thoughts that do not include them, excludes them.

Seeing ourselves in a different light introduces new garments to clothe ourselves with.

The greater the repetition of these thoughts the greater our wardrobe of choices.

Beneath our created exterior is our core essence.

It is larger and more varied than the sands that surround the seas.

The more we see ourselves as beings of light,

the less we are distracted by a single pebble and the more we will be the light you are.

Our Search Mode

Morning Meds; 2 9 23

How often do we search our lives for our successes as carefully as we search for disappointments.

How often do we ask, “What is right with me?”

Searching for failings can become a habit.

Searching for successes breaks its grip.

We are drawn to where we look.

We are filled with Consciousness,

that is a great place to begin our search.

Search your life, make a list and post it where it can be seen.

Spinning Wheels

Morning Meds 2 5 23

The hopelessness of feeling like we are just spinning our wheels can cause us to take our foot of the accelerator and stop.

Sometimes it is necessary to accept that progress can be attained by dropping into a lower gear.

Sometimes the only way to get out of a slippery place is to keep doing the little things till our wheels catch again.

Persistence is developed by being persistent.

Courage is discovered by facing fear.

Discipline is formed by repetition.

Hope is regained by hoping.

Self-esteem is built by estimable acts.

We are filled with wonderous abilities.

Spiritual Purpose Dream

Morning Meds; 2 3 23

When I went sleep I asked to see what my spiritual purpose is.

It was a busy dream jumping from one thing to another in rapid succession.

As best as I can remember.

It opened with a written Bible verse on a page, it is shown, but as I start to read it, it fades away, but I am left with the idea that, “God will only punish you with things that will bring changes in behaviors.”

The next fuzzy image is being in a room with some other people talking about fishing, but in the contexts of “fishers of men.”

The next stop included a granddaughter who “got me a diploma,” but I don’t recall the image.

Next, I am calling where I work because I forgot to call in sick and I am afraid it will get me fired. As I talk to them, I am relieved and I know that they will work with me.

Next; I am in a common scene of my dreams; I am in a factory working. The factory is in total disarray. There are boxes literally flying everywhere in front of me in a blur as if they were propelled by an invisible conveyor line. I am looking to the south watching all the clamor and I am greatly concerned.

Then a person I used to work with is beside me and he says emphatically, “They are turning it into a paint factory, don’t you feel it?”

End of dream.

For a part of my younger life, fourth grade on, I was raised in a very strict Christian group that were literalists. I am not sure if that is the correct word, but they took the written word of the Bible to be completely literal. To them the Earth is around 7000 years old, each day of creation was a twenty-four hour increment of time, carbon dating is a trick of the Devil and everything is quite black and white. There is no wiggle room and shades of gray are the first step to having your soul eternally stolen.

One of the last church services I chose to attend as an adult was on how we would all have to be careful that on the way home so the devil didn’t jump out of the bushes and get us. My heart knew better than that, God is not so small that we that we need to live in fear.

At the same time the fear that I was taught can be a difficult to free yourself from. Absolute truth is hard to argue against.

This dream to me was a picture of my progress. Each event I remember triggered a process of thoughts as I tried to see a connection and decipher its message.

The Bible verse fading as I read it.

I no longer willingly believe in a punishing God. I do believe that if we believe in a punishing God we will attract and create circumstances that are self punishing.

I believe that The Creator Of All is love. It, for lack of a better word, is Everything Thing There Is,  it is a Consciousness of energy and there is not anything that is not an expression of that Consciousness.

“Fisher of men.”

I attended a seminary school they founded for two semesters to become a pastor. Some of the questions I asked didn’t go well with their theology and I think they were as glad to see me go as I was to leave.

In spite of some very low times in my life, I have never lost my desire of wanting to be of some spiritual use. “A fisher of men.”

“She got you a diploma.”

This one stumped me for a bit.

I am trained in facilitating Past Life Regressions, but I have been reluctant to finishing the necessary practice sessions to get it going. One of the biggest hindering factors of my transition of beliefs has been the old fears from my youth. What if God doesn’t like it. Past lives was not an acceptable belief from my youth. The devil may have leapt from the bushes.

The granddaughter from the dream was going to have a past life regressions with the lady that facilitated mine. She got busy with school and didn’t have it. She was the first one of my family other than my wife who knew I was trained. My sister knows I experienced one.

“Called in sick.”

I have put off finishing my practice sessions for so long it is like I forgot to call in sick and the  Creator of All that I have come to love might give up on me, but we had a talk on the phone and it will be OK.

The factory.

The factory has always been my symbol for my spiritual earthly work.

What a mess, everything in a tremendous upheaval, change is happening fast.

The man beside me from where I used to work is a Christian who is a literalists of a different denomination. He believes the Earth is 7000 years old. He has shown up in my dreams whenever my old religious beliefs as surfacing. Most of the time he is blocking a road, or scowling at me. In reality I greatly respect his tenacity and loyalty, he is true blue.

In this dream he is celebrating the change that is taking place. He is telling me to get excited “can’t you feel it?”

My greatest dream skeptic is telling me to wake up. The one who has always represented the basis of my greatest spiritual teaching and fears.

If he thinks it is OK that says a lot.

My life is turning into a paint factory.

Five gallon buckets of creativity flying off the shelves, a invisible conveyor line pumping out the paint. When I looked up paint it said it stood for creativity.

Pretty amazing dream I think, even better in that my request was a dream to see my purpose.

Dreams are a gift from beyond the beyond. We are loved beyond measure.