Cloud Removal

Morning Meds 1 14 23

Many people believe that to have a pleasant afterlife we need the gift of forgiveness.

To make our time on Earth more pleasant we need to give ourselves the gift of forgiveness.

Not forgiving ourselves creates a world clouded by shame.

This cloud hides all the wonderful traits we possess and creates unnecessary boundaries.

Our core is 100% Source energy.

With the cloud removed, we are free to be our true selves.

Tying the Hands of The Creator of All

Morning Meds 12 7 22

I wanted to heal you, but you didn’t believe I would.

I wanted to ease your pain, but you said it was your own.

I wanted you to feel forgiveness, but you thought you deserved the guilt.

I tried to share my unconditional love, but you were taught that it was earned.

You suffer so needlessly when I am always available to help.

You are my everything, there is not a part of you that isn’t a part of me, but my hands are tied, I can only be expressed to you through the way that you believe.

Valuable Steppingstones

Morning Meds; 11 19 22

Often our judgments passed against ourselves by ourselves are more severe than those by those around us.

Forgiving ourselves and the acceptance of our humaneness is paramount to the well-being of our emotional status.

We learned by repetition; we often have to walk through a forest of failed attempts to find the path to success.

No child has learned to walk without multiple falls.

Addicts don’t outgrow their addiction without multiple tries, we gain by increments of improvements.

Our greatest deterrent is seeing disappointments as an end instead of as a valuable steppingstone in the right direction.

Imagining Better Things

Morning Meds; 11 8 22

“Not much you can do about it.” Is a common refrain, it seems to be an echo of disappointment, physically this is often true.

But you can always imagine better things or imagine disappointments to be the start of something new.

A landslide reveals a hidden treasure site, or the loss of a job makes way for a better one.

Imagine a family members life improving,

Imagine a friend receiving a healing even if it is a gradual improvement,

Imagine a conflict with another softening or dissolving.

We create our reality and all of it begins with a thought, so do the things you can do, imagine better things and create anew.

Love’s Concentric Rings

Morning Med 11 1 22

Love’s concentric rings ripple the surface of stillness.

Love, often unseen in a sea of turmoil,

changes its surroundings.

Every motion has an effect,

every motion has an equal and opposite reaction,

a change must take place.

What of love drizzled on hate?

How do we thrive in political unrest?

We choose to love ourselves enough

to send love to those we see as threats.

No matter which side you believe yourself to be on

Love has no preference.

Love thrives in any situation

It stills turmoil, hate and fear,

its concentric rings restore the stillness.

Chutes and Ladders

Morning Meds; 10 13 22

Went to court today and everyone was me, judge, jury, prosecutor, defense attorney, bailiff, recorder and all who were there.

What was on trial was the beliefs I was raised with compared to what I believe now.

I saw a pathway of steppingstones strewn before me, the stones of the old and stones of the new and those still forming.

Like a game of Chutes and Ladders where the old stones slide you back to the old beliefs and the new stones carry you to the new.

Subtle differences disguised within the stones, often not seen, but felt.

If I am still looking for unconditional love, do I still see myself as unlovable?

In the old belief system, I couldn’t feel the love unless my faults were forgiven, nor could I fully access the Creator Of All.

In the new system I am just loved for I am 100% Source Energy; I am not in fear of judgement, loved or not loved doesn’t apply, access is just a thought away.

I am made-up of Everything That IS, and I can choose how I wish to express myself and my eternal existence in not contingent upon a single human existence.

The impact of duality is part of a human experience to teach me to love for love is the strongest energy.

I choose beliefs which look the most like love and those which feel the most compassionate for they are the most pleasant.

When I misstep and walk on the stones of the first, I begin to feel a loss of connection and I find myself reaching without instead of within.

I expect I will visit this court again and often, but many of the things I once struggled with have been thrown out of court and are no longer an issue.

Echoes Of Footsteps

Morning Meds; 10 11 22

Revelations of lives past echoing with our footsteps now,

forms hiding in our shadow as it floats across the earth.

Light creates shadow exposing loveless moments offering up offences to a alter of forgiveness.

Childlikeness regained; innocence returned.

Memories stirred by the present,

recreated in a moment of grief,

we punish ourselves these memories awakened.

Behaviors Do Not Define Us

Morning Meds; 10 5 22

An action or a behavior never defines who or what we are, it only reflects what we believe about ourselves or others.

We are first and foremost divine creative spirits of light experiencing the challenges of being human.

We find ourselves as we look within.

Old Bones

Morning Meds 9 29 22

Wearing the fetters of memories retained impedes progress.

Often the only thing left of an experience is it’s old bones carried along as a sack of burden.

If the only usefulness left is the wisdom the experience provided, preserve the wisdom in your heart and let the old bones go.


Morning Meds; 9 28 22

Sometimes a regretted action can feel like you’ve run a splinter in your foot.

If it isn’t removed it will fester and infect the whole body.

Guilt is the pain left by an regretted action, shame is the infection that lingers.

Forgiving yourself is the tweezer that removes the splinter, applications of unconditional self-love is the salve that removes the infection.

Learning to forgive ourselves teaches us how to forgive others.