Flying Sleds


Dream 11/8/22

I love dreams that present a mystery and then at some later random event in your life you get the answer.

Flying Sleds

Morning Meds; 11 13 22

My dream awareness began at midstream in the dream.

I saw a stack of five ladders laying horizontal on the ground or that is how they had been. I had moved some of them and had cut one down to make crossing step so I could make my way down the length of a long trench. I had cut five three-foot-long pieces and positioned them, so they straddled the trench like planks. Someone urgently needed the long ladder for some reason, and they were upset that I had cut them down to make a way across the pit. My mother scolded me and said I should have just left them alone. They needed the ladders to reach a treasure.

(I was a curious child and learned early on that things come apart much easier than they go back together, it was not my fist scolding.)

I walked east down the makeshift bridge down the length of the trench and noticed some funny marking in the sand like tracks but not in a consistent enough pattern to be tracks.

(The markings looked like my crude sketch, 1. being the mark and 2. being what would leave a mark like that. What would leave this impression could be shaped like a glass electrical insulator like they use for high voltage if it wasn’t pushed all the way into the sand and entered at a slight angle.) (It could be something else I don’t know, following energy is consistent with my interests. If someone recognizes this symbol from somewhere, please share.)

 I continued east into a large old barn like structure following the markings. The barn was old and many of the siding planks had deteriorated or had fallen of. I knew I was in an opponent’s compound; enemy seems like to strong of word, but at the same time I knew they meant me harm.

(I have had maybe five or six dreams where I am battling some different dimensional militarized force, this would fall into that type of dream.)

I am part of a small unit of soldiers, and we are making our way down the south interior wall of the barn. I am not sure of the amount, somewhere between ten or twenty.

By now we are on a raised cement floor about eight to ten foot wide and in the center of the barn is a huge rectangular pit. The ground level we are on surrounds the opening. I never investigated the pit to see why it was there or what was in it.

The walkway was filled with old rusty farm equipment and machinery, we had to pick our way through the collection. I bumped into something and made a noise. A soldier behind me whispered that we had to stay quiet, but it was too late, we had been detected.

I never did see the opponent, they were close to invisible, but I saw movement outside the barn through the opening in the siding. They were coming out of an adjacent structure.

“We have to climb higher!” someone yelled behind me.

I looked up into the open rafters above and they were filled with old machinery too, but I noticed these hanging bedframes looking things. They were maybe two feet across and four foot long and tied to the rafters in pairs by small ½ inch woven twine.  They didn’t have a floor but, I knew they were flying sleds. I started to jump up and pull the twine so they would be released, and my fellow soldiers could grab them.

I turned to release the ones above me and a knew that one of my opponents had just jumped onto one of them, I am not sure how I knew because they were still invisible.

I grabbed the twine attached to the front of the frame with my left hand and reached for a higher grip with my right and with the same motion a pole-vaulter uses to clear the bar, I pulled myself up enough to land my right foot on the twine above me. Then as I pushed down with my foot my weight pulled the front of the frame down and catapulted my opponent off the sled. That’s when I woke up.

I have never had the ability to lucid dream, but I sure wish I could have been able to continue the dream.

I won’t go into interpretation, but I was curious about the bed frame sledge, they didn’t make any sense because they didn’t look like a slid at all.

Mystery solved; I watched a show about Egyptian Hieroglyphics. It was about a massive tomb built by and for Padiamenope, who was an Egyptian scribe.

In his burial chamber he had covered the whole ceiling with a hieroglyphic mural and on the mural, there were four Egyptian deities flying on these little representations of Egyptian boats. Flying sleds if you will.

I wouldn’t have made the connection if had not been for a dream I call my Anubis Dream where for a brief moment I painfully felt my face transform into shape of Anubis. That dreams explanation also came by a random later event.

The second sketch is how I saw the sleds. They are not identical but seeing these in a dream and recognizing them as some sort of flying devise and then seeing something similar in a program I randomly recorded two weeks ago is pretty cool, especially since its fits into an Egyptian dream theme I seem to be having. Grabbing ropes in the air fits into the dream I had about hanging strands of light energy. Dreams are gifts from beyond.

I have a screen shoot of the ceiling, but I don’t have permission to post it, if interested the show is,

Decoding Hieroglyphics / Secrets of the Dead on PBS is the show. It is toward the end of the program.

Addition to this post.

When I posted my dream on a dream Facebook site, asking, “If someone recognizes this symbol from somewhere, please share.” Someone posted information about Djed-pillars. Which had never seen them before.

Djed-pillars these are Egyptian artifacts.

When I posted my dream about Flying Sleds on a dream Facebook site, asking, “If someone recognizes a certain symbol / form I saw in a dream from somewhere, please share.” Someone posted information about Djed-pillars, which I had never seen before. It is so much fun when a dream shows you a mystery and then it is solved in our day-to-day world.

Dreams can be amazing experiences.

Love’s Handmaidens

Morning Meds; 11 5 22

Hope is not the tool of youthful folly; it is what carrier us along our way.

Hope shines its light into the future to light up the present.

It is the force that propels us forward.

Hope is what causes the seedling to push its way to the surface in search of the light.

Without hope the roots wither for there is no place to grow.

Hope and Faith are the handmaidens of Love.

Love is All There Is,

all creation formed and unformed is Love,

Hope is the light of the future,

Faith is the knowing of the present,

“But the greatest of these is Love.”

Love’s Consecutive Rings

11 1 22

Love’s consecutive rings ripple the surface of stillness.

Love, often unseen in a sea of turmoil,

changes its surroundings.

Every motion has an effect,

every motion has an equal and opposite reaction,

a change must take place.

What of love drizzled on hate?

How do we thrive in political unrest?

We choose to love ourselves enough

to send love to those we see as threats.

No matter which side you believe yourself to be on

Love has no preference.

Love thrives in any situation

It stills turmoil, hate and fear,

its consecutive rings restore the stillness.

Scarcely Noticed

Morning Meds; 10 31 22

Surrounded by invisible gases

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Providing existence with our every breath.

Existing in a bubble in space

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Providing existence for our every step.

We dwell in bubbles both seen and hidden

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Protected by an infinite Consciousness.

We don’t doubt the existence of air

Nor the existence of our bubble in space

Yet sometimes we falter.

We fail to see the bubble of love

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Provided by the Creator of All.


Morning Meds; 10 30 22

Confidence is the result of repeated success.

When a toddler continually repeats the same action as dropping a shape through an appropriate opening or screwing a lid back on a container, he is cultivating confidence.

The fifteenth time a book is read is as pleasurable as the first because they know what is coming and they feel the joy of success.

I wonder how it affects them when they are told that something is a no, but at some later date it is a yes.

I am making no claims to child psychiatry skills, but I thought it was always interesting when my toddlers and grandchildren would reach out to touch some object they were not allowed to handle, and they would stop and look at me waiting for a response.

“No, you can’t touch that, it will break.” I’d say and they would smile and go about their business until it was time to practice parenting again.

I wonder if the smile was the touch of confidence they felt when they knew they knew the answer before they tested the outcome.

Cheryl and I have always put both choices on lets say the coffee table so there were touchable things, no one wants to live in a world of nothing but no.

I wonder how much disservice I/we have done to our children when our no doesn’t mean no.

Instead of confidence in their ability to assess a situation they are faced with confusion on what they thought they had learned.

Food for thought.

Rising Within

Morning Meds 10 28 22

Showers of peace

Droplets of love

Rising waters of healing

Flowing from within.

Sparks of ignition

Flames of transition

Fires stoked

Warmth rising within.

Desires obtained

Conditions altered

Fears dissolved

Healings rising within.

Beliefs birthed

Assurity attained

Doubt dispelled

Faith rising within.

Altered conclusions

Self-evident changes

Healings felt

Divine intercessions rising from within.

No one knows us better than ourselves and

no one can send a more fervent request.

Nothing is between us and

our creator for we are one.


Fears greatest power is in our imagined future.

It removes us from our now.

It wears its disguise of prudence

It whispers of things that could go wrong

It hums a tune

We sing along

Writing the lyrics of dismay

Loves greatest power is in our now

It connects us to what is

It authentic, nothing to hide

It isolates the moment

Fills it with joy

Our heart sings songs of hope.

Enjoy the Library

Morning Meds; 10 13 19

Seeing all of humanity as one continuous connected expression of Consciousness is difficult.

Here’s a mental picture that may be helpful.

Your standing in a huge library.

All the shelves are filled with books.

Each book is different than the others.

Every subject and interest know to man is dispersed among the volumes of endless literature.

Each book is a human experience, a record of past, present and future.

Your a book, I’m a book, everyone’s a book.

No book is better than another, yet we all have our preferences about which books we choose to spend our time with.

Although many of the books seem to be completely different, the author of each book in the library is connected.

We are all an expression of the Author of All.

Enjoy the library.

We Are Energy

Morning Meds; 10 13 18

We are energy.

We are like a vapor, passing through a mist, within a cloud called Consciousness.

Nothing is fixed, everything is fluid.

We are not trapped, bound or imprisoned.

Nothing can constrain us, save a belief in constraint.

We have already been given all the keys to emotional, physical and spiritual liberty.

They are living in our core.

We only need to search.