Fears greatest power is in our imagined future.

It removes us from our now.

It wears its disguise of prudence

It whispers of things that could go wrong

It hums a tune

We sing along

Writing the lyrics of dismay

Loves greatest power is in our now

It connects us to what is

It authentic, nothing to hide

It isolates the moment

Fills it with joy

Our heart sings songs of hope.

Enjoy the Library

Morning Meds; 10 13 19

Seeing all of humanity as one continuous connected expression of Consciousness is difficult.

Here’s a mental picture that may be helpful.

Your standing in a huge library.

All the shelves are filled with books.

Each book is different than the others.

Every subject and interest know to man is dispersed among the volumes of endless literature.

Each book is a human experience, a record of past, present and future.

Your a book, I’m a book, everyone’s a book.

No book is better than another, yet we all have our preferences about which books we choose to spend our time with.

Although many of the books seem to be completely different, the author of each book in the library is connected.

We are all an expression of the Author of All.

Enjoy the library.

We Are Energy

Morning Meds; 10 13 18

We are energy.

We are like a vapor, passing through a mist, within a cloud called Consciousness.

Nothing is fixed, everything is fluid.

We are not trapped, bound or imprisoned.

Nothing can constrain us, save a belief in constraint.

We have already been given all the keys to emotional, physical and spiritual liberty.

They are living in our core.

We only need to search.

Spiritual DNA

Morning Meds; 10 11 21

Stacked one upon another

Like protiens on strands of DNA

Our past lives remain intact

Spiraling together throughout eternity.

Spiritual genes of memory

Recording trauma and success

Lifetimes of decisions and consequence

Karmatic rights and wrongs

They wait to reintroduce us

To the us we once were

To look back at what we learned

To help resolve things undone

To heal a wound still raw

To settle a mystery unsolved

To realize how eternal we are

We need only open stored memories

Where We Always Are

Morning Meds; 10 11 19

Our spiritual journey is more about realizing where we are not, so altamently we can recognize where we have always been.

We are forever in the center of the heart of God.

The expression of our lives, are expressions of divinity.

Without us, God would be incomplete.

Self Care

Morning Meds; 10 11 18

Our bodies respond to what we think, it follows merrily along. It’s not for us to guide it’s path. It is well able to preform as it was designed to do.

Providing it with nurturing thoughts of love and self care will allow it to be it’s miraculous self. Healings are often needed to undo trauma, whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual, but once initiated, we are often best served to relax and let the healing materialize.

Belief in our miraculous ability to heal, adjust and return to wellness without constant personal intervention, deplaces turbulent fearful vibrations with peaceful energy.

If everyday we went to our garden and unearthed all our seeds to see if they were growing, our interference would cancel out the miracle of growth.

Sometimes we just need to have a little faith. We are filled with love, health and eternal existence.

At a higher level, we know what we are doing, we just sometimes let forgetfulness override awareness.

There’s no place else to go from here than within, immerse yourself with love.

Unaccepted Gift

Morning Meds; 10 6 18

You can never enjoy an unaccepeted gift.

Accepting unconditional love

washes away our precieved guilt.

Source is ga-ga in love with us.

Our true nature is to love

ourselves as Source loves us

We are one.

Once realized,

there is the possibility of

regifting this treasure to others.