Our Relative Realities

Morning Meds; 8 9 20

We live in our relative realities unaware of worlds apart from are own.

We glean glimpses of those worlds through meditation, dreams and persistent searches into the depths of our core essence.

We maintain our equilibrium through the process of affirming or dismissing, accepting or rejecting, what we find.

The contents of what is visible can be consistently overwhelming, enlightening and transformative and it becomes increasingly impossible to see beyond our relative realities without experiencing transformative alterations to what we perceive as our existence.

What once seemed true may dissolve away and like a toppled house, we often have to sweep away the rubble and reassemble our perspective.

What we once viewed as mountains of granite fade and are replaced by ever changing clouds of possibilities.

The only solid ground is that we are eternally unconditionally loved.

We are in the midst of a global toppling, our perspectives will need to evolve to allow ourselves emotional equilibrium.

Focus on love, raise it like a flag held by a standard bearer.

We can focus our intent, our goals and our pursuit of purpose on compassion and inclusion.

We can gather our families, friends and acquaintances under our spreading wings of love as a hen would gather her chicks.

Every person in our life, friend or imagined foe is in our life for an important reason.

Choose love, for only love will prevail.

Let’s let our contribution add to it’s magnitude, we’re all in this together.

Our souls, our essence, our continued eternal existence is always intact.

That is the unity, the strength, the hope of love.

That aspect of us is never in danger.

We are eternal consciousness.

We can challenge ourselves to replace fear with love as often and quickly as possible.

Let’s let the magnificence of our core essence rule.

Path To The Center

Morning Meds; 8 9 19

When yin and yang decide to dance, our lives can feel the fury.

The worst end of one, is the best end of the other and harmony holds them together.

Where they meet in the middle, they cancel each other, so only nothing remains.

So follow the path that leads to the center, but there are no signs pointing the way.

It’s breath, following breath, following breath, until everything goes away.

The Me I Be

Morning Meds; 8 8 19

I use to think that the me I be, was different than the I am, I am.

So I tried to change the me I be, to fit what I thought I am, might be.

But what I thought was truth, was not truth to me and it wasn’t a me I could be.

For the truth I held was someone else’s truth and it wasn’t right, you see.

Now I know, the me I be, is the I am, I am and it’s the I am, I’ll always be.

There’s no other me that I can be, that’s the truth I see.

100% Source Energy

Morning Meds: 8 7 19

Every atom is a spark of energy, every material we touch or touches us, is made up of atoms.

If the the essence of Consciousness is the spark that animates atoms, then is there ever a moment we are not 100% Sourse energy?

Is there ever a moment that we are not walking through a cloud of Source energy and breathing Source energy.

It’s our blood, our skin, our marrow, our bones.

The earth, the sky, the atmosphere beyond.

Spend a day with this thought and see how you feel.

We are all one.

We are all 100% Source Energy.


Morning Meds; 8 6 19

For me;

At one point I was taught and thought I was damned and needed salvation, forgiveness seemed better than damned.

Now, acquitted seems closer to the truth.

Our judgments against ourselves and others are our own.

We create them as we compare our essence against our beliefs and behaviors.

Our essence is unconditional love.

We are one with The Creator Of All.

One, Two, Three

Morning Meds; 8 4 20

All the major religions agree on three key basic beliefs.


Love the Creator completely.


We are all family.

They all agree, whether based on ancestry of Adam and Eve or some other religious attempt to explain the unexplainable.

We all come from the same Source and are therefore related.


Love and compassion.

Whether its treating others as you would prefer to be treated or taking a vow to show compassion to all living things.

Love is the gold standard we are asked to reach for.

Being family, America’s hardest spiritual challenge at this time is to love Uncle Trump and Aunt Pelosi equally and the individuals associated with either party.

I’m sure the head figures of each of our worlds love based religions would expect that of us.

Christ, Buddha, Lao-tzu, Hans Kirchner, many more….

Love is the the most important value we can reach for and the most important value to maintain the survival of our species, possibly the world as we know it.

Every religion agrees on this, finding anything that religions agree on speaks to its profound importance.

Honor the faith you follow and search for love in the chaos.

It is a divine challenge.

It’s what we were created to do.

( Not meaning to exclude anyone, can only speak to what I’ve had the time to glance through. World religions are a big subject)

Emotional Mobile

Morning Meds; 8 4 19

Our emotions are more like a mobile than a scale.

The balances and counterbalances of our mobile, are our thoughts.

The wind that stirs our mobile is also our thoughts.

Most, if not all, our discomforts are fear based thoughts.

The more love based thoughts we provide ourselves the more comfort and balance we will feel.

We pass through lifetimes as apprentices, the skill we are meant to master is the ability to counterbalance fear with love.

The more we practice the more natural it becomes.

Practice, practice, practice.

Fun Experiment

Morning Meds; 8 3 19

The peacefulness of nature is that it functions with the absence of self judgement.

The participants allow themselves to just be.

Fun experiment;

Seeing we are all made up of vibrations of energy and assuming all the energy came from a conscious source.

Therefore everything is made up of the same stuff and part of the same source.

We are all one and all connected in that context.

There is nothing that’s not Source.

As you go through your day, when you look at something, say to yourself,

“Oh there’s Source manifested as a blade of grass,

there’s God manifested as a bird,

there’s Source manifested as a flat tire,

oh! There’s God manifested as a fever.

(The last two are a bit tougher)

Follow the statement with the words,

Here I am, Source manifested as me, sending love back to Source.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a word to refer to God / Source / ect, that didn’t divide.