Awakening Recollections

Morning Meds; 10 26 18

We are 100% Source energy, yet there are times we feel at a loss on how to move past some barriers that we have inadvertently constructed for ourselves.

The phrase, “I don’t know.”

Is a very harsh obstacle.

The phrase, “Please remind me of the best approach through this impasse, for I have momentarily forgotten.”

This approach softens the edges, returns us to who and what we are and clears the pathway to recollection.

The phrase, “I Know what I knew before I came into this world.” can work as a GPS to help us realize we are already and always have been home.

A review is always easier than attempting to learn something new.

I have a thousand eyes

Morning Meds; 10 17 21

Our mental consciousness is like a head with a thousand eyes.

Which eye we choose to focus with sees a different place.

The eyes are like a thousand doors to anywhere and the door we pass through is always a personal choice.

The views we see through any eye is created by our beliefs and the doors we choose to pass through is because it leads to where we believe we need to be.

Creative choice is always ours, for our thoughts creates our worlds.

When we decide to see through a different eye or try a different door, we open up infinite possibilites and can go to wonderful places, the places of our wildest dreams.

Sit in quiet communion with your soul and from this silence a newness is formed.

We begin to see the vastness of unlimited choice and how to make it our own.

We are a formless glimmer of creative Consciousness and from this formless glimmer our experienced realities are born.


Morning Meds; 9 27 21

We don’t have to preserve

Yesterday’s experiences,

Our recollections,

Our collections of now.

They are not us.

An experience never is.

We are greater than them.

We can scrape the collapsed form from our wheel,

Toss the unsolved poem away,

Clean our palette,

Toss the cracked carving into the woodstove,

We can start a new story.

Every moment is new.

Only we can fill it with old.

Yesterday’s disappointments

need not sour our now.

We always have that choice.