Two Different Compasses

Morning Meds; 5 13 19

Our greatest spiritual gift is imagination.

We view our spiritual walk as a path between worlds.

One, a reality we interpret as soild, the other a world of living non-soilds.

People often doubt the spiritual because it’s illogical.

When we initially begin our journey, we unwittingly begin the process of untethering ourselves from the world of logic.

We sceptically begin to imagine the unseen, uncertain and invisible world of spirituality.

Oddly, many of us try to make this journey into this unseen, unknown, living non-soild reality still plotting our course with a compass that is still set to the magnetic north of the world of soild, logic.

The compass of the world of spirit is set to a different magnetic pole, imagination.

Imagination is our greatest spiritual gift.

With it we can,

see the invisible,

hear the silence,

utter the unspeakable,

embrace the unattainable,

caress the intangible,

feel the fullness of the great void,

realize the indescribable,

know the unknowable.

Let your imagination guide you home.