Old Bones

Morning Meds 9 29 22

Wearing the fetters of memories retained impedes progress.

Often the only thing left of an experience is it’s old bones carried along as a sack of burden.

If the only usefulness left is the wisdom the experience provided, preserve the wisdom in your heart and let the old bones go.

Questioning Curses

Morning Meds 9 18 22

I don’t believe in curses, but I do believe if someone does the curse can manifest. I believe thoughts sprinkled with faith will always produce form.

I do believe in contractual agreements prior to incarnations where as an essence of light or a soul we make choices as to what we wish to experience in the pursuit of self evolution and/or in the pursuit of anothers spiritual growth.

These acts of pre-birth choices are made in the spirit of unconditional love, although that aspect can be well hidden in a life experience. We may not realize that aspect until we meet again beyond the parameters of duality.

I wonder if situations blamed on curses are possibly just the unfolding of collaborative choices we previously made and that the discomforts of it are just the steping stones to growth?

Our proclivity to see ourselves as a victim often hides our inalienable gift of freewill and without recall of our choices, being a victim is a logical conclusion.

Thankfully, love dissolves fear and all of its many emotional forms.

If someone were to sent love to the suspected curse instead of strengthening it with fear, maybe it would open the doors to accelerated growth?

Beneath our surface

Morning Meds; 10 19 18

Faith is the relaxed confidence that below the surface, all is well.

Fire heats long before you see the water simmer.

The miracle of metamorphosis is covered by a cocoon.

New spourts take shape within the seed.

We continually grow, sometimes it takes time to surface.