Balls of Possibility

Morning Meds; 12 27 22

Like a Christmas tree adorned with clear glass balls our future possibilities hang before us.

Every foreseeable and unforeseeable outcome suspended in time, waiting to form.

Each living possibility waiting to expand as it is directed.

Each event or thought birthed by us or those around us affect the contents of all the balls.

They continually adjust to the flurry of change.

Change is brought on by numerous events, but we tend to fixate on the most dramatic,

and fail to see the little changes that proceeded it.

Our future goals can seem to be unreachable.

It seems some dramatic huge event must happen to bring it to fruition.

Start making the little changes and all related possibilities in your possibility balls will change with it.

A steady process of changes in the right direction will allow the dramatic event to expand.

Thoughts are always the predecessor to change, a change in thought will affect more balls than by action alone.

We Color the Page

Morning Meds; 12 8 22

Traditionally we see our Gods through words visualized, an outline of form we color with our thoughts.

These outlines were passed down from elders to youth and from receiver to written page and many truths were and are preserved through this tradition.

The youth adapt the pictures to the procession of change and pass them down again.

The forms of God that were too ridged to conform to change fade away, lost to the transition.

These written words are an attempt to stall change and preserve a moment so others can gain, but the Creator Of All, the All There IS is too grand to be fully contained in ancient scripts or carved stones.

The All There IS is a living presence always coming to us, adapting to our needs and is never a distant stranger waiting for our approach, for we are one.

Tying the Hands of The Creator of All

Morning Meds 12 7 22

I wanted to heal you, but you didn’t believe I would.

I wanted to ease your pain, but you said it was your own.

I wanted you to feel forgiveness, but you thought you deserved the guilt.

I tried to share my unconditional love, but you were taught that it was earned.

You suffer so needlessly when I am always available to help.

You are my everything, there is not a part of you that isn’t a part of me, but my hands are tied, I can only be expressed to you through the way that you believe.

Two Questions

Morning Meds; 12 1 22

When life seems to stall when in pursuit of desired outcome, there are two questions one can ask.

The answers to one of the questions might get the ball rolling again faster than the other.

You can ask, “What has stopped me?”

This leads to a list of problematic circumstances and situations that are often beyond our control.

The second question you can ask is, “Why am I stopping?”

This puts the ball back in your hands because you have a say about you.

“I feel overwhelmed,” you have a say in that.

“I’m afraid it will not come to be,” you can adjust your beliefs.

We have access to abilities within ourselves that lay dormant unless they are touched by our inner knowledge that we are one with the Creator Of All.

There will always be circumstances and situations, and there will always be our inner ability to rise to the challenge.

Sometimes the answer is to ask the correct question.

Holding Faith’s Hand

Morning Meds: 11 9 22

If you could hold faith’s hand, which mountain would you remove, but if this mountain was removed, what beauty would be lost in its absence?

The beauty of its existence and grandeur would never be discovered or appreciated.

The opportunity to scale its challenges and stand triumphantly on its summit would be forfeited.

If possible, embrace the mountain and experience what can be gained in its climbing.

Instead of asking for the faith to remove the mountain, ask for the faith to remove the doubt about the ability to thrive in any situation.

Our core essence is 100% Source energy we are much stronger than we realize.


Morning Meds; 11 4 22

Many of us are taught that we are spiritually distant and that we are separated from a distant Creator.

It is as if we need binoculars to find our way.

What if we the contact we seek is closer than we were taught?

What if our Creator we seek is within us and the illusion of separation is just that, an illusion?

In quiet contemplation we lose the need for binoculars for we begin to see and feel that we and our Creator are one.

As we begin to search from the interior of our core, we find we are closer than we supposed.

Use Your Debit Card

Morning Meds; 9 16 22

Faith is the debit card we use to access our infinite spiritual account that holds all our available wealth.

The access code is the realization that we have such account and that it is always accessible.

The source of the wealth is stored in our essence for we are a intrical part of the heart of God.

Spend freely for it is inexhaustible.

Enjoy your shopping and don’t forget to share.

A Flask of Faith

Morning Meds; 10 6 21

A tiny amount of faith is said to have the ability to move a mountain.

It is like a spiritual currency.

Most of us are always reinforceing our lack of.

Our beliefs are consolidated energy.

Faith is not some elusive magic ingredient, it is just thought energy.

We need to tell ourselves we have a lot of it, instead of a lack of.

It would be just as easy to drink from a flask of faith as it would to be to drink from a flask of doubt.

We generate and shape the creative energy of our minds.

Consciously choose to fill your flask with faith.