Universes of Beauty

Morning Meds; 10 21 22

We seldom see the totality of anyone, we only see what we believe them to be.

We seldom see the totality of ourselves, we only see what we believe ourselves to be.

Within everyone universes of beauty thrive hidden from us by our judgments.

Not You, Not Me

Morning Meds; 10 8 22

As we wave our minds through the fog of solidity we begin to see that nothing is solid.

Not you, not me.

We exist as a mist surrounded by a fog in a cloud of imagined realities.

Ever changing, constantly reshaping ourselves by whims, beliefs and intentions.

Our greatest strength is our fluidity.

Our greatest solace is that we can always change.

Our greatest tool of transformation is realization.

Our greatest guiding direction is always love.


Morning Meds; 3 14 20

Grief is difficult to release because it is the same love we held for another, tainted with sadness.

To release the sadness, it feels as if we are releasing the love that filled our heart.

If we can separate them, we can retain the love and release the sadness.

That being said, it is necessary to refill the energetic void that lingers, with new love.

We are unconditional love, for we are one with Source, we can tap into our inherent love and let it rise within and spread it to others.

We reep love when we sow love.

Let love refill our hearts.

Send yourself love

Morning Meds; 10 15 18

Send love to your negative, uncomfortable, unbearable emotions.

Realize that sending love to yourself, heals.

Learning to unconditionally love ourselves teaches how to love others.

Discomfort is just an indicator for change.

If it were not for the nerve sensors in our hands, we would never feel the flame to move our hands.

If not for uncomfortable emotions we would never search out a solution.