Please Be More Real

Morning Meds; 4 7 23

I asked my guides for a dream that helped me to see them as more real instead of a just a spiritual presence.

I worked as a maintenance man for twelve years before I retired. I worked with mostly the same crew of around seven people.


I am back to work and we are moving a stack of six foot folding tables. They are stacked on end, which is not normal, and we are removing them because they are blocking a door and this will let us get into a room to the south. (present physical life)

Barry is in a hurry to get it done.

We clear the doorway and the room is a mixed bag of debris, some trash and some things we can keep.

Most the crew is there and we busy ourselves with the task. Most the unneeded things are piled to the north-west corner of the large room.(spiritual past)

In the very center of the room looking south we have cleared everything except for three lines or paths of shipping envelopes of a variety of sizes and they are filled with parts that we will need.

To the north center there is a pillar and a short table with a few items on it. The door we cleared is in the background.  I can’t make out what they is on the table. In following the dream I know it represents my meditation altar or table.

There are a few things to the east,  (future) but nothing that stands out. We had finished the job and I am looking at the table to the north as I wake up.

In following the dream my guide reminded me of when I was working the crew I was with are some of the best people I know. Everyone was willing to help each other, if someone was to do a job it got done. They were fun to be around. I was told that my guides are just as real and competent as the human crew I worked with. All I had to do is what I thought my job was and they would take care of theirs.

The three lines of new parts I think is my three creative interests at this time.

Ceramics,  writing, and BQH.

 This dream came the morning of a past life regression I experienced April first.

I will post something about it soon.

My guides did everything they know how to do all I had to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

It was amazing, some of the images were as real as a dream state.


Contact List

Morning Meds; 10 24 22

Everyone has many connections spread out through time, many of these are available to us through the right process.

Many of our past lives remain attached to us, but it is more like the contact list on your phone. They are just waiting to be remembered.

I wanted to use recalled instead of remembered, but it just didn’t seem right. Have a great day.

Information 1

Morning meds; 3 16 22

I often get a word in the morning when I get up and when I meditate, I receive more.

That’s where Morning Meds came from.

I could go back through my journals and find what word preceded each post.

As covid descended across the world, I continued to meditate and received things to write, but most of them no longer came as an easily deliverable message.

Most of them were more personal and informational.

Things I hope to be able to compile and share in a more organized format after I retire. (10 weeks from now, but who’s counting)

I am trained to help facilitate what is called past life regressions.

This practice helps people to journey into their past and allows them to pick up information that can be useful in this lifetime.

My home page contains information about one I experienced.

As far as helping others it is still new to me and seeing I am just learning I have uncertainties.

I have an appointment with someone in the near future.

His beliefs are different than my own so that too creates new uncertainties, uncertainty as to how to honor his beliefs and also honor my own.

Wondering about that before I went to bed last night, the word I received this morning was bias, this is what came afterwards.

Bias calculations into the unknown without the equations or formulas creates a mystery to be followed.

No one can wander into another’s reality expecting to know the answers or truly know what they will find.

It has to be done with an eye on love and a soft touch not to disturb the equilibrium of the individual’s balance between your beliefs and acceptance of their beliefs.

Balance between the validity of their fears.

Most come to someone because they believe they can’t see or that they see things they don’t understand.

You can’t tell someone they are blind or delusional.

It is always possible that it is you that is delusional or blind.

The meeting of two consciousnesses is a gift of sharing information and insights with each other.

The meeting of two consciousnesses is an opportunity to learn.

You will have brought to you who is most beneficial to their evolution.

Your criteria is it has to be love.

That is your key point, and it may not be the others need at this time in their growth.

You must maintain what is true to your essence but let them find a way to express theirs or find theirs if they are still unsure of what it might be.

Walk softly when entering another’s heart and soul.

You are in another’s home, treat it with respect and kindness.