Sun Rise

Morning Meds 1 7 23

The sun appears to rise every morning to warm the earth.

It has continuously shone all through the night.

The light in our soul continuously shines

even when we don’t feel its warmth.

We are one with the light.

Shadow Boxing

Morning Meds; 1 8 23

It is easy to become so engaged in fighting the shadow of our corrugated dance that we forget that we are the one who created it.

We create our realities.

We can’t win fighting our shadow.

Lingering Limps

Morning Meds 1 12 23

Emotional pains don’t heal in the same matter as physical challenges.

When a pulled hamstring has recovered the pain is gone and you no longer limp.

When we think back to the incident, we remember the pain with less intensity.

Emotional hurts differ, each time they are remembered they are reborn, and we are affected in the same way.

Our responds to our inevitable visits can become a pattern of response behaviors, sort of an emotional limp.

It is not bad, just a part of the healing process just like favoring a sore leg.

The healing of an emotional hurt requires time and self-love and acceptance of our state of healing.

We can tell when we are starting to heal when we realize that we are revisiting the hurt less often and we linger less.

The real healing is when we realize that after we leave, we no longer respond in the same pattern as we did before, and we begin to lose our emotional limp.

Persistent Shadows

Morning Meds; 12 11 22

Sometimes a persistent shadow can seem to be some kind of darkness and appear to be bigger than our lives.

When we shine a light on darkness it must dissolve.

When we shine a light on a shadow, we can see what cast it.

Often it is not evil, it is unresolved pains, fears and hurts.

When seen as an unresolved issue we become bigger than the issue at hand.

Light reveals the unseen so it can be dealt with.

Our core essence is pure light and as we contact it our light reveals the answers we need.

Choosing to Enjoy

Morning Meds; 12 3 22

We often sacrifice our joy of living when we lament our present experience while wishing it to be another.

Choosing to enjoy our present moments despite our preferences allows the joy of the present to become pleasant memories.

Bag of Depression

Morning Meds; 10 23 22

For those of us who have suffered from depression or still are, the world can become a dark place.

It makes it nearly impossible to see hope.

We often stand in the center of paradise with a black bag over our head and wondering why our world isn’t going better for us, it seems impossible to lift the bag and free ourselves.

All the while the light of our essence burns within calling us to look inside so we can find, touch, and feel the warmth of our eternal light.

It is a few breaths away, at the edge of slowed thoughts, at the place were silence starts to thicken like a morning mist.

The Bottom of Depression

Morning Meds; 10 15 22

The energy beneath a situation is where the solutions lay at least emotionally.

It we discern the energy beneath it, we can adjust how we act instead of reacting.

Most the time if it is troublesome the energy beneath it is fear, but what is the energy beneath depression if that is the situation?

Here are five of its characteristics:

It seems dark,

It impairs creative vision,

It conceals options,

It is confining in that it makes one feel trapped,

It creates a perceived inability to help yourself.

Fear produces many of these same results,

but what is the energy beneath the fear?

Something must be working right, or you wouldn’t be feeling fear, the processor is working fine it is just sending up the wrong set of feelings.

All energy is living in a sense, if you reduce it to its smallest form, atoms and molecules.

If we reduce it again, energy is an eternal dynamic formless essence that we describe as atoms.

I believe they are the expressed and unexpressed Consciousness of our creator of which we are a part.

Beneath the feeling or the energy of fear are the atoms and molecules that physically produce that those feelings in our bodies.

Atoms or energy are not depressed, they are neutral, they only form what they are directed to form.

So beneath fear and depression is the unlimited magnificence of the creator of universes.

Its not that we don’t have access to change, it is that we don’t realize how much possibility is available to us for change.

Being a depression survivor, what has worked for me is to do is the simple task of trying to send love to the depression and all its pain. I send it right down to my gut. It can be very difficult at first, but love will filter down through the pain, hopelessness, darkness, and the imagined inability. It will filter down through the fear and it will connect to our core of our soul.

The energy quickening our soul is perfectly intact and is working fine, the energy is just being filtered through fear instead of love.

Sounds corny at first, but it creates a light at the end of what can be a very dark tunnel.

I don’t make any claims of being a doctor or a therapist, although I’ve had a few, I just want to share what has helped me to manage and climb out of the pit of depression.

Note From a Survivor

Morning Meds 10 12 22

Depression seen from the inside out.

Depression is:

Living in a world where the sun never shines.

Living with an invisible bag over your head that make everything dark.

Living with perpetual flu like symptoms of weariness and fatigue with no end in sight.

A place where hope is hidden.

Not living, it is merely existing.

But most importantly,



And can be recovered from.