Persistent Traffic

Morning Meds; 12 6 22

Persistent traffic creates a rut of packed soil.
Persistent thoughts create a durable belief.
Our beliefs are how we choose to navigate our lives.
The statement, “I feel like I am in a rut,” may be a more accurate assessment of our thought patterns than we realize.
It is difficult to start a seed in packed earth.
Even if you fill the rut with fresh soil the hardpack beneath it will not allow the root to reach a depth that will allow survival in stressful times; often the hardpack needs to be broken up or removed.
We always have the choice of venturing onto a new path, one of our own design or even temporarily retracing the steps that others have provided.
Once you begin a new path no matter by whom it was created, it becomes your own, for it is our steps that clear the way.
It sometimes takes awhile to see the path clearly and stressful times can detour your progress, but everytime we challenge a belief that is no longer useful to us, we pick away at the hardpack and clear the way to a new path for ourselves.
Our ruts were created by choices, our way out of them is created in the same way.

Choosing to Enjoy

Morning Meds; 12 3 22

We often sacrifice our joy of living when we lament our present experience while wishing it to be another.

Choosing to enjoy our present moments in spite of preferences allows the joy of the present to become pleasant memories.

Two Questions

Morning Meds; 12 1 22

When life seems to stall when in pursuit of desired outcome, there are two questions one can ask.

The answers to one of the questions might get the ball rolling again faster than the other.

You can ask, “What has stopped me?”

This leads to a list of problematic circumstances and situations that are often beyond our control.

The second question you can ask is, “Why am I stopping?”

This puts the ball back in your hands, because you have a say about you.

“I feel overwhelmed,” you have a say in that.

“I’m afraid it will not come to be,” you can adjust your beliefs.

We have access to abilities within ourselves that lay dormant unless they are touched by our inner knowledge that we are one with the Creator Of All.

There will always be circumstances and situations, and there will always be our inner ability to rise to the challenge.

Sometimes the answer is to ask the correct question.

Railroad Switches

Morning Meds; 11 16 22

The power of the universe flows from within.

We sometimes cap it off with fear and doubt diverting its power towards apprehensions and worry, like a railroad switch diverting a train.

The energy and its abilities do not wane, it complies to where it is directed.

What it produces is not a judgment nor a reward of a watching Deity,
it is the result of which track we choice to direct its power.

Endless Sea of Time

Morning Meds 11 10 22

We are more than we realize

Stronger than we seem

We are resilient as stone

Our eternal roots are as invasive as a weed

We have all eternity to draw upon if ever we doubt our strength

We have existed forever in some form or another

Consciousness shimmering, creating ripples within the endless sea of time

Eternities future is as endless as its past

 It is impossible to know the location of when or where we are

The only when or where that we can be certain of is our present moment

For in this moment, we somehow exist

This point of moment is of the most importance

For it is the only moment can we drop a pebble of choice and create a new ripple within our endless sea of time

Shrinking Situations

Morning Meds; 10 26 22

There are personal situations where other people’s feelings are involved and there are situations where it is the world around us.

This is for those situations happening around us where we have little say in what happens.

Different views produce different results, if you see a thing as huge thing then it will be huge thing.

If you see it as a small matter, it will shrink accordingly.

Shrinking a matter returns our ownership of our emotional continuance.

We can decide how we prefer to feel about a thing.

Ask yourself, how would it look if its importance was removed or how would it look if there were overriding certainties?

Its importance is, although it is important does it effect my life at this moment?

What was a big deal can be reduced by seeing how much potential for thriving in any situation we have when we realize our true stature as spirits living in human bodies, that is an overriding certainty

We are bigger than situations.

Sometimes our concerns about situations can steal away our peace.

We always have the ability to take our power back.

This is away to pause and regroup so we are not needlessly giving away our peace of mind.

Behaviors Do Not Define Us

Morning Meds; 10 5 22

An action or a behavior never defines who or what we are, it only reflects what we believe about ourselves or others.

We are first and foremost divine creative spirits of light experiencing the challenges of being human.

We find ourselves as we look within.