Choosing to Enjoy

Morning Meds; 12 3 22

We often sacrifice our joy of living when we lament our present experience while wishing it to be another.

Choosing to enjoy our present moments despite our preferences allows the joy of the present to become pleasant memories.

Chemical Reactions

Morning meds; 10 17 19

Emmerson said, “The ancestor of every action is a thought.”

It would follow that, the ancestor of every emotion is also thought.

Our thoughts produce chemical reactions in our neurons.

Our emotions are those chemical reactions interpreted by our neurons.

The more our thoughts are in alignment with Source, the better we feel.

Pay attention to your thoughts today and speak nicely to yourself.

Morning Painting

Morning Meds; 10 4 21

I painted a picture as I awoke.

I painted it with thought.

I used the palette from yesterday

filled with stale paint.

Spoke it to life with my belief

that this day would be the same.

Having finished it with fine detail

I blindly stepped inside.

Not realizing that what I had painted,

was where I would spend my day.

(Our thoughts become the landscape we choose to live our lives in.)