Tying the Hands of The Creator of All

Morning Meds 12 7 22

I wanted to heal you, but you didn’t believe I would.

I wanted to ease your pain, but you said it was your own.

I wanted you to feel forgiveness, but you thought you deserved the guilt.

I tried to share my unconditional love, but you were taught that it was earned.

You suffer so needlessly when I am always available to help.

You are my everything, there is not a part of you that isn’t a part of me, but my hands are tied, I can only be expressed to you through the way that you believe.

Persistent Traffic

Morning Meds; 12 6 22

Persistent traffic creates a rut of packed soil.
Persistent thoughts create a durable belief.
Our beliefs are how we choose to navigate our lives.
The statement, “I feel like I am in a rut,” may be a more accurate assessment of our thought patterns than we realize.
It is difficult to start a seed in packed earth.
Even if you fill the rut with fresh soil the hardpack beneath it will not allow the root to reach a depth that will allow survival in stressful times; often the hardpack needs to be broken up or removed.
We always have the choice of venturing onto a new path, one of our own design or even temporarily retracing the steps that others have provided.
Once you begin a new path no matter by whom it was created, it becomes your own, for it is our steps that clear the way.
It sometimes takes a while to see the path clearly and stressful times can detour your progress, but every time we challenge a belief that is no longer useful to us, we pick away at the hardpack and clear the way to a new path for ourselves.
Our ruts were created by choices, our way out of them is created in the same way.

Two Questions

Morning Meds; 12 1 22

When life seems to stall when in pursuit of desired outcome, there are two questions one can ask.

The answers to one of the questions might get the ball rolling again faster than the other.

You can ask, “What has stopped me?”

This leads to a list of problematic circumstances and situations that are often beyond our control.

The second question you can ask is, “Why am I stopping?”

This puts the ball back in your hands because you have a say about you.

“I feel overwhelmed,” you have a say in that.

“I’m afraid it will not come to be,” you can adjust your beliefs.

We have access to abilities within ourselves that lay dormant unless they are touched by our inner knowledge that we are one with the Creator Of All.

There will always be circumstances and situations, and there will always be our inner ability to rise to the challenge.

Sometimes the answer is to ask the correct question.


Morning Meds; 10 30 22

Confidence is the result of repeated success.

When a toddler continually repeats the same action as dropping a shape through an appropriate opening or screwing a lid back on a container, he is cultivating confidence.

The fifteenth time a book is read is as pleasurable as the first because they know what is coming and they feel the joy of success.

I wonder how it affects them when they are told that something is a no, but at some later date it is a yes.

I am making no claims to child psychiatry skills, but I thought it was always interesting when my toddlers and grandchildren would reach out to touch some object they were not allowed to handle, and they would stop and look at me waiting for a response.

“No, you can’t touch that, it will break.” I’d say and they would smile and go about their business until it was time to practice parenting again.

I wonder if the smile was the touch of confidence they felt when they knew they knew the answer before they tested the outcome.

Cheryl and I have always put both choices on lets say the coffee table so there were touchable things, no one wants to live in a world of nothing but no.

I wonder how much disservice I/we have done to our children when our no doesn’t mean no.

Instead of confidence in their ability to assess a situation they are faced with confusion on what they thought they had learned.

Food for thought.

Let’s Be Human

Morning Meds; 10 18 22

There is nothing more freeing than taking responsibility, for at that point on you can no longer consider yourself to be a victim.

We choose what you have been getting, so now we can create our life anew.

We create our lives one decision at a time and possibly much of it before we arrive for another game of Let’s Be Human.