Let’s Be Human

Morning Meds; 10 18 22

There is nothing more freeing than taking responsibility, for at that point on you can no longer consider yourself to be a victim.

We choose what you have been getting, so now we can create our life anew.

We create our lives one decision at a time and possibly much of it before we arrive for another game of Let’s Be Human.

Self-inflicted Exile

Morning Meds; 9 23 22

Stepping out of our comfort zone creates discomfort, but most of us adjust and what was uncomfortable becomes common place.

This ability to adjust our perspectives and emotional responses can work to our advantage as we forge forward creating our dreams or to our detriment if we slowly sulk back into an old uncomfortable comfort zone.

To remain in discomfort to avoid the discomfort of change can become a self-infected exile from your dreams.

It may be time to imbrace the energy that comes with change and forge forward.

You might as well be uncomfortable in the future you prefer to have.