Tying the Hands of The Creator Of All

Morning Meds 12 7 22

I wanted to heal you, but you didn’t believe I would.

I wanted to ease your pain, but you said it was your own.

I wanted you to feel forgiveness, but you thought you deserved the guilt.

I tried to share my unconditional love, but you were taught that it was earned.

You suffer so needlessly when I am always available to help.

You are my everything, there is not a part of you that isn’t a part of me, but my hands are tied, I can only be expressed to you through the way that you believe.


Morning Meds; 9 28 22

Sometimes a regretted action can feel like you’ve run a splinter in your foot.

If it isn’t removed it will fester and infect the whole body.

Guilt is the pain left by an regretted action, shame is the infection that lingers.

Forgiving yourself is the tweezer that removes the splinter, applications of unconditional self-love is the salve that removes the infection.

Learning to forgive ourselves teaches us how to forgive others.

Spectrum Of Possibility

All along the spectrum of possibility, like runners from a plant, realities rise from it’s activated nodes.

They vine their way into our lives.

The neutrality of the runners allows all our choices to grow, for it is the supplier and the supporter of free will.

We needn’t blame God for what we’ve grown, nor blame ourselves for we learn through excess and lack and we adjust our cultivation accordingly.

Some sprouts/manifestations grow more quickly than others, all affect our perspective.

Habitual feedings of the same thoughts is the source of their accelerated growth.

Fear grows the quickest, fear in small amounts provides guidance, but if it isn’t curbed it becomes invasive.

In time it can affect our overall perceptions and can choke out our hope and joy.

We must create your choices with unconditional love, faith in our Higher Power and the knowledge that we are the gardener of our realities.

We decide what thrives in our garden.

We are unconditionally loved always.

4 7 22

Apologizing To Yourself

Morning Meds; 4 4 19

I’ve have heard the phrase, habitual thoughts, but I have never thought of thought patterns in terms of addiction before.

If you can have a thought relapse I think I experienced one.

My addictive pattern could be summed up by Linda Ronstadt’s song, Your No Good.

Any growing experience is generally good no matter the discomfort.

When you are unkind to someone you usually apologize to clear the air and preserve the friendship.

I realized that I needed to apologize to myself for the thoughts I directed toward myself.

I had never felt that I needed to do that before.

The thought came in the form of the question, “Have you apologized to yourself for talking to yourself that way?”

That’s how you treat someone you love.

I am beyond grateful.

The relapse helped me see growth.

So I ask you, do you think you’re important enough and love yourself enough to apologize to yourself when you’ve had a day of unkind self criticism?

Or self doubt?

Or fault finding?

Or I don’t measure up?

It’s a new thing for me and I plan on using it when needed, hopefully not to often.

Thought it might be helpful to someone else.

Treat yourself like a loved one.

Focus On Love

Morning Meds; 4 4 20

In times of change it is paramount to stay focused on love.

The actions of love are forgiveness, compassion, inclusion and generosity.

Unconditioal Love is an energy, a frequency, a vibration, it is a spiritual law comparable to gravity.

It resonates from our core.

It is the gold standard by which the motives of actions and beliefs can always be examined to see how they resonate.

Love, the level of love beyond emotional standards, is our connective chord to Source.

It is the chord that unites us as one.

It is our umbilical.

It supersedes duality.

It is our ticket, our path, our protection, to whatever awaits us as we pass through this transition.

Let’s share our love and spiritual wealth.

Continually Flashing

Morning Meds; 3 14 19

In my limited knowledge about quantum physics my understanding is that the packets of energy that comprise the elements of our world, continually flash in and out of expression.

Water for instance, expresses itself as H2O then returns to infinite potential.

That same packet of energy, could express itself as a atom of carbon in the next instance and so it goes.

A whole universe of fluctuating energy.

A universe with a base core of unlimited potential.

Take a good look at your core, do you see your potential?

None of us are locked into some expression of human energy that we have to continue with.

We’ve already fluctuated innumerable times, since we started reading this.

Our thoughts are the guiding light to change.

Unconditional love doesn’t

Morning Meds 10 15 21

Unconditional love dosen’t have

A political view, A racial bias or A preferred ethnicity.

Unconditional love doesn’t have a

Nationality, Group or Tribe.

Unconditional love doesn’t

Judge, Criticize or Demean.

Unconditional love doesn’t

Exclude, Discriminate or Shun

Unconditional love doesn’t build

Barriers, Fortresses or Prisons.

Unconditional love doesn’t

Separate, Alienate or Ban.

Unconditional love doesn’t have a preferred

Religion, Faith or Theology.

Unconditional love doesn’t

Steal, Lie or Cheat.

Unconditional love doesn’t

Hoard, Stockpile or Withhold.

Anywhere unconditional love is shared,

The recipient feels love.