Cleansing Page

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When the collective debris of normal living builds up, a bad feeling here, disappointment there, anger, hate, fear, the old residue of day to day existence. Writing a cleansing page is often helpful.

We are taught that certain human emotional responses are bad, wrong, sinful and that we shouldn’t harbor them. Normal may be a more accurate assessment.

For those of us who believe that thoughts attract results it is easy to start stuffing stuff in our internal closet so the vibrations don’t get amplified. This is a simple compassionate way to clear the closet.

Grab a notebook and a pencil and start dumping. Don’t worry about legibility, the idea is to discard not preserve.

Write as fast as you can and when you get to the bottom, spin the notebook ninety degrees and write over the top of what you just wrote. When you get to the bottom spin the notebook another ninety and go again. Just keep spinning.

When you are done and you will know you are, the whole page will be covered and no one can read the evil contents of your soul.

Include aunt Sally’s uppityness, the political insanity, George’s brat that pooped in the pool, the realization that you significant other may have flaws, parental short comings, both yours and your parents and very importantly unload all the self-criticism, it necessary to make room for love.

Keep writing till you can write no more. It is great way to release anger and not regret something better left unsaid and it also eliminates hurt feeling if someone finds your emotions dumpster.

Take the page, I fold up a piece of sage in it and burn it in a safe private place. I use an old metal coffee can.

As the smoke rises offer it to whomever you believe cares and ask them to take it, for you don’t want to store it anymore.

Having cleaned the closet without creating more debris you can get back to attracting great things for yourself. Have a great burn.