Morning Meds; 10 2 21

Sitting to meditate, resistance felt, why?


What a huge black orb I see.

A foreboding creature of fear.

A thinking cloud of no admittance

Blocking the peace I seek.


It’s not a cloud as I supposed,

It’s a mirror I’ve placed in front.

All this blockage, trouble and fear

Is just a reflection of my thoughts.

If I move right, it moves left.

When turned, we remain face to face.

There seems to be no way to pass.

I wonder what I’ve missed?


It’s looks to be just a shadow,

They often behave this way.

I know how to make it leave,

I can reach the peace I seek.

And in the quiet of meditation,

I softly shift my gaze,

Away from the impenetrable blackness

Towards the eternal light within my core.

The shadow disappears.


If we look towards the light

As much as we can,

The less shadows block our path.

They are only lingering residue

From paths we’ve walked before.