Morning Meds; 11 4 22

Many of us are taught that we are spiritually distant and that we are separated from a distant Creator.

It is as if we need binoculars to find our way.

What if we the contact we seek is closer than we were taught?

What if our Creator we seek is within us and the illusion of separation is just that, an illusion?

In quiet contemplation we lose the need for binoculars for we begin to see and feel that we and our Creator are one.

As we begin to search from the interior of our core, we find we are closer than we supposed.

Scarcely Noticed

Morning Meds; 10 31 22

Surrounded by invisible gases

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Providing existence with our every breath.

Existing in a bubble in space

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Providing existence for our every step.

We dwell in bubbles both seen and hidden

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Protected by an infinite Consciousness.

We don’t doubt the existence of air

Nor the existence of our bubble in space

Yet sometimes we falter.

We fail to see the bubble of love

Scarcely noticed unless unbalanced

Provided by the Creator of All.

The Metronome of Change

Morning Meds; 10 29 22

The metronome of change echoes it’s time,

our world still two-steps while change taps a waltz.

Out of rhythm with the new song

many struggling to retain the old.

Love filters in,

light through the canopy of old growth.

The shadows, revealed by the light scurry about

disturbed by the winds of change.

Change will prevail,

relentless and as dependable as the seasons

and like a room full of clocks

time will ultimately synchronize to a single meter.

Bag of Depression

Morning Meds; 10 23 22

For those of us who have suffered from depression or still are, the world can become a dark place.

It makes it nearly impossible to see hope.

We often stand in the center of paradise with a black bag over our head and wondering why our world isn’t going better for us, it seems impossible to lift the bag and free ourselves.

All the while the light of our essence burns within calling us to look inside so we can find, touch, and feel the warmth of our eternal light.

It is a few breaths away, at the edge of slowed thoughts, at the place were silence starts to thicken like a morning mist.

Lily Dream


I dreamt of a Goddess from India, I saw her from her shoulders up and thought “you are absolutely beautiful.” That is all I remember.

On the morning of the 20th.

A prelude to my morning meditation.

“I feel the power is blocked or I am not connected to it and I see no good reason for that.

I am in near perfect health.

Little stiff, but that could be alleviated by stretching and exercise.

I have overcome many negative blocks; I’ve had doors opened to places unknown to me before. I have felt the power before in amazing ways. What’s up?”

Water Lilly dream.

Yesterday (10 19 22) I dreamt I was sitting on a structure constructed out of giant lily pads.

What I thought was a fence, was in the center of a huge courtyard covered with white stone tile.  It was a least fifteen feet long and open at both ends.  It turned out to be more of a structure designed for the courtyard than a fence.

The nine-foot-tall structure was covered with giant Victoria lily pads, growing like Elephant Ears. Each overlapping the other like shingles, covering it all. Three women stood to the north of me as I climbed onto a lower pad.  

Bouncing on it a couple of times like it was a springboard, I stepped onto the next lily pad and worked my way to the top. When I reached the top, I sat down straddling the growth. It was wide enough that it was as if I could do the splits, but there was no discomfort.

When I jumped onto the first pad it gave me the idea of play, the three women knew that was how I felt, and they were not bothered. I thought that they might be. They started to walk off to the north and I comfortably remained atop the structure of living lily pads.

In following the dream, I thought it might be “straddling the fence” as in make up your mind, but it didn’t seem to fit. I got, “what sits on top of a lily pad? A lily.”

I looked up the meaning of a lily pad today and it said it symbolizes the process of overcoming difficulty and growing into the light.  Seems to fit with my present moment of growth.

  While I was following this dream I was taken back to a dream I had a long time back where I entered a house and in one of its rooms I went through an opening in an east interior wall, there was a hidden walkway.

Walking south down the walkway it opened into a cavern of sorts and ended at the edge of a huge abyss. Straight across the abys was a wooden door cut into a cliff face. The door was flush with the face of the cliff and opened out over the huge crack, there was a very narrow threshold about a foot wide that stuck out.

 Right before I reached the edge of the abys the door opened enough for a hand holding a magician’s hat to reach out. It was not a cone or a tall top hat, it was a short top hat. The closest picture I could find described it as a pedora. The hand dropped the hat onto the threshold, from across the way I could see the hat and the closed door, but there was no way to reach it.

Usually when I follow a dream, I can imagine some way to proceed, this time I was stumped. I vividly imagined myself finding a boulder field above the door and climbing to its edge and looking down maybe fifteen feet at the door wondering if I could repel down. After a few days of attempting to get past the door the dream faded and was replaced by new dreams to follow.

Again, faced with the door and the magician’s hat I thought of ways to retrieve the hat, open the door and not fall into the abys.

I could imagine myself growing big so I could reach the hat and the knob or repel down like I tried before, use a flame thrower, but I knew the door wouldn’t burn or build a bridge, possibly imagine myself to only be consciousness and float across the gap and pass through the door, even grow wings and fly, but none of them seemed to be the right approach.

The wonderful whisper of guidance spook in its peaceful way, “Why don’t you just ask?”

The moment I let it settle in and “just asked”, I saw the side hinges on the door move down it’s edge and across to the bottom of the door turning it into a huge draw bridge that softly lowered to grant me entrance. The hat turned to vapor and passed through the door and reformed.

I entered, grabbing the hat and walked into the courtyard of the lily dream. Now I was on a huge stage.

The whisperer whispered, “You can’t be a magician without an audience, on with the show. The power is believing you can do it. You are on top of the structure. You are blooming right now. You are unstoppable, save by your own choices, continue on.”

The Whisperer, “It is always the same, there is no magic elixir, there is no wave of a wand, there is no abracadabra.

You can believe in elixirs, wands or incantations and they will perform.

You can believe in healing hands, the Almighty’s touch or angelic visitations and not be disappointed, but the energy beneath the phenomena is ask and believe, it is the fire of faith.

Phenomena is scattered on the sides of the mountain, but at its peak sits God, Source, Creator of All, All There Is.

All things are possible and all roads lead to God. The scenery on the roads is also God manifested in a way to present a path. How difficult or easy each path is, is decided by the soul who imagines, believes and creates. You don’t need the physical props if you know the source of the magic.

You are Source believing in itself as you.”


Morning Meds; 10 19 22

Often it is not that we need something new, it is that we have neglected to appreciate the old.

Sometimes a careful inspection of the of the old reveals opportunities not yet explored and the answers to our questions hidden behind doors only partially opened.

With a heightened appreciation, gratitude, preservation and nurturing ensues.

The Bottom of Depression

Morning Meds; 10 15 22

The energy beneath a situation is where the solutions lay at least emotionally.

It we discern the energy beneath it, we can adjust how we act instead of reacting.

Most the time if it is troublesome the energy beneath it is fear, but what is the energy beneath depression if that is the situation?

Here are five of its characteristics:

It seems dark,

It impairs creative vision,

It conceals options,

It is confining in that it makes one feel trapped,

It creates a perceived inability to help yourself.

Fear produces many of these same results,

but what is the energy beneath the fear?

Something must be working right, or you wouldn’t be feeling fear, the processor is working fine it is just sending up the wrong set of feelings.

All energy is living in a sense, if you reduce it to its smallest form, atoms and molecules.

If we reduce it again, energy is an eternal dynamic formless essence that we describe as atoms.

I believe they are the expressed and unexpressed Consciousness of our creator of which we are a part.

Beneath the feeling or the energy of fear are the atoms and molecules that physically produce that those feelings in our bodies.

Atoms or energy are not depressed, they are neutral, they only form what they are directed to form.

So beneath fear and depression is the unlimited magnificence of the creator of universes.

Its not that we don’t have access to change, it is that we don’t realize how much possibility is available to us for change.

Being a depression survivor, what has worked for me is to do is the simple task of trying to send love to the depression and all its pain. I send it right down to my gut. It can be very difficult at first, but love will filter down through the pain, hopelessness, darkness, and the imagined inability. It will filter down through the fear and it will connect to our core of our soul.

The energy quickening our soul is perfectly intact and is working fine, the energy is just being filtered through fear instead of love.

Sounds corny at first, but it creates a light at the end of what can be a very dark tunnel.

I don’t make any claims of being a doctor or a therapist, although I’ve had a few, I just want to share what has helped me to manage and climb out of the pit of depression.

Note From a Survivor

Morning Meds 10 12 22

Depression seen from the inside out.

Depression is:

Living in a world where the sun never shines.

Living with an invisible bag over your head that make everything dark.

Living with perpetual flu like symptoms of weariness and fatigue with no end in sight.

A place where hope is hidden.

Not living, it is merely existing.

But most importantly,



And can be recovered from.

Echoes Of Footsteps

Morning Meds; 10 11 22

Revelations of lives past echoing with our footsteps now,

forms hiding in our shadow as it floats across the earth.

Light creates shadow exposing loveless moments offering up offences to a alter of forgiveness.

Childlikeness regained; innocence returned.

Memories stirred by the present,

recreated in a moment of grief,

we punish ourselves these memories awakened.