We Color the Page

Morning Meds; 12 8 22

Traditionally we see our Gods through words visualized, an outline of form we color with our thoughts.

These outlines were passed down from elders to youth and from receiver to written page and many truths were and are preserved through this tradition.

The youth adapt the pictures to the procession of change and pass them down again.

The forms of God that were too ridged to conform to change fade away, lost to the transition.

These written words are an attempt to stall change and preserve a moment so others can gain, but the Creator Of All, the All There IS is too grand to be fully contained in ancient scripts or carved stones.

The All There IS is a living presence always coming to us, adapting to our needs and is never a distant stranger waiting for our approach, for we are one.

Spiritual Archaeologists

Morning Meds 12 9 22

As we as spiritual archaeologists dig through our past, the tombs of past events need not be continually revisited if all that was needed to be done energetically has been done.

Unnecessary digging in old graves can cause a stink.

Our visits to the past are often more for closure than for resurrections, although both are possible.

If an old find keeps surfacing despite our attempts to release it, then sometimes the energy beneath the find may need to be addressed.

The event may have been a symptom instead of a cause, usually once the cause is addressed the symptoms no longer linger.

Stop Comparing

Morning Meds 12 10 22  

If we always compare what we are receiving with what we were taught, it is difficult to change our beliefs.

At some point must choose to believe that the new we are receiving is valid.

We will always stay at the same place if the new must fit into the parameters of the old.

An Old Soul

Morning Meds; 12 2 22

“They’re an old soul.” They say disregarding our eternal state of being.

For we all are eternal, animated consciousness masquerading as humans.

Eternal shimmers of consciousness,
connected chips off the old block.

It may be that they are not older than any other.

They may just have a milder case of spiritual amnesia and are closer in touch with their eternal memories whether they realize it or not.

“I know what I knew before I came into this world.” can be a delightful mantra.

Holding Faith in Your Hand

Morning Meds; 11 27 22

Dreams speak to us in symbols, when we see something in a dream, we know that it represents information about a certain subject.

I wonder if we could do the same with faith.

What are you wishing to create for yourself or another?

Faith has no religious preferences it is just a substance that brings thing into being.

I have always found it interesting that the Bible refers to faith as a substance, “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” (Heb. 11:1)

It sounds as if we could hold faith in our hand.

Thoughts are a form of energy and so are emotions, faith is the imagined physical substance of what you wish to create.

For me, I often have things I wish to see manifested in my life, but at the same time I don’t have a concrete image of what it would look like, all I have a foggy dream.

This morning I asked myself, “If what I wanted and all that is necessary to obtain it, were shaped into a single form what would it look like?”

If I wanted to be a successful writer and the whole dream of that was shaped into a something that I could hold in my hand, how would it look and what would it be?

If we could imagine that form, we would have a tangible form that represents our desires that we could hold in our hand, more importantly our heart and head.

If we have it in the completed form we can look within it for clues, ideas, methods, insights, plan revisal’s and a place to add more of the substance of faith.

The effort to imagine the best symbol activates the wheels of clarity as we attempt to define how success would appear for each of us.

Here are some random thoughts on faith if we see faith as a substance or a tangible energy instead of a concept.

Faith is a shapeshifter shifting from one manifestation to another.

Faith is the portal from one reality to another.

Faith is the substance that allows matter to form.

Faith is a substance that gathers your hopes in their concentrated form, just like a seed contains the form of a plant and all the necessary knowledge that it needs to grow.

Hold faith in your hand and look inside for within is your mature dream in its embryotic form.

Faith is pixie dust, sprinkle it on your dreams.


Morning Meds; 11 20 22

Chapters in a story proceed another for a reason, each chapter prepares the reader for the next.

Often in life we wish we had arrived at our desired destination, but each chapter is a part of our journey.

It is the details that make a story interesting, without a variety of experiences we would not be the individual we are.


Morning Meds; 11 23 22

Part of a dream.

Standing in front of two very tall horses, they looked like quarter horses, but they were bigger than a pair of Clydesdales. They were both a solid dark color, the dream was at night, so I do not know the color.

They were in an open space standing beside a hitching post, I was taken back by their size and felt apprehensive.  

I had one by a halter because I was supposed to walk him, suddenly he threw his head down and back up and the halter was gone.

I looked at the horse not sure what to do, still feeling apprehensive knowing I had no ability whatsoever to control his actions.

I decided to walk him anyway and as soon as I turned to begin our walk, he cooperatively walked with me on my right side.

Together we walked down the lane and back.

I have been blessed with having been around horses at various times in my life. One of the things you learn early on is that you are riding this magnificent animal because it has decided to agree with your desire. It is an agreement of cooperation between it and you and together you share a mutual experience. They are not like a motorcycle where you are in control. The horse just agrees, most the time, to do what you ask.

Spiritual things are similar, we do not have control. We are blessed that we get to share the communion and assurances that come from visitations and encounters. We and Whatever or Whomever the Creator of All is walk together in a place of mutual respect and love as one.

From the Top Down

Morning Meds; 11 21 22

Morning whispers,

“You have become who you are now, not by gazing upwards but instead by looking inwardly.

You learned this not by looking up but by looking down from where you have been.

Clouds hide the summit if viewed from below,

Clouds hide the valley if viewed from above.

If the summit is what you seek, start at the summit and the path you used to arrive will matter less. Look down from the top and the how to will be remembered.”

New Life Forms

Morning Meds: 11 24 22

Humanity searches the unknow universe for new life forms while all the while we are surrounded by spiritual beings just beyond the doorstep of our comfortable beliefs.

Their universe is contacted through our heart and corridor of our core.

Infinite possibilities waiting to be explored.

…. Happy thanksgiving to all, may your day be filled with pleasant experiences.

Addition to Flying Sleds

Djed-pillars are Egyptian artifacts.

When I posted my dream about Flying Sleds on a dream Facebook site, asking, “If someone recognizes a certain symbol / form I saw in a dream from somewhere, please share.” Someone posted information about Djed-pillars, which I had never seen before. It is so much fun when a dream shows you a mystery and then it is solved in our day-to-day world.

This is a link to Flying Sleds, https://storysspiritual.com/2022/11/13/flying-sleds/

Dreams can be amazing experiences.