Morning Meds; 11 20 22

Chapters in a story proceed another for a reason, each chapter prepares the reader for the next.

Often in life we wish we had arrived at our desired destination, but each chapter is a part of our journey.

It is the details that make a story interesting, without a variety of experiences we would not be the individual we are.


Morning Meds; 11 23 22

Part of a dream.

Standing in front of two very tall horses, they looked like quarter horses, but they were bigger than a pair of Clydesdales. They were both a solid dark color, the dream was at night, so I do not know the color.

They were in an open space standing beside a hitching post, I was taken back by their size and felt apprehensive.  

I had one by a halter because I was supposed to walk him, suddenly he threw his head down and back up and the halter was gone.

I looked at the horse not sure what to do, still feeling apprehensive knowing I had no ability whatsoever to control his actions.

I decided to walk him anyway and as soon as I turned to begin our walk, he cooperatively walked with me on my right side.

Together we walked down the lane and back.

I have been blessed with having been around horses at different times in my life. One of the things you learn early on is that you are riding this magnificent animal because it has decided to agree with your desire. It is an agreement of cooperation between it and you and together you share a mutual experience. They are not like a motorcycle where you are in control. The horse just agrees, most the time, to do what you ask.

Spiritual things are similar, we do not have control. We are blessed that we get to share the communion and assurances that come from visitations and encounters. We and Whatever or Whomever the Creator of All is walk together in a place of mutual respect and love as one.

From the Top Down

Morning Meds; 11 21 22

Morning whispers,

“You have become who you are now, not by gazing upwards but instead by looking inwardly.

You learned this not by looking up but by looking down from where you have been.

Clouds hide the summit if viewed from below,

Clouds hide the valley if viewed from above.

If the summit is what you seek, start at the summit and the path you used to arrive will matter less. Look down from the top and the how to will be remembered.”

New Life Forms

Morning Meds: 11 24 22

Humanity searches the unknow universe for new life forms while all the while we are surrounded by spiritual beings just beyond the doorstep of our comfortable beliefs.

Their universe is contacted through our heart and corridor of our core.

Infinite possibilities waiting to be explored.

…. Happy thanksgiving to all, may your day be filled with pleasant experiences.

Addition to Flying Sleds

Djed-pillars are Egyptian artifacts.

When I posted my dream about Flying Sleds on a dream Facebook site, asking, “If someone recognizes a certain symbol / form I saw in a dream from somewhere, please share.” Someone posted information about Djed-pillars, which I had never seen before. It is so much fun when a dream shows you a mystery and then it is solved in our day-to-day world.

This is a link to Flying Sleds,

Dreams can be amazing experiences.

Valuable Steppingstones

Morning Meds; 11 19 22

Often our judgments passed against ourselves by ourselves are more severe than those by those around us.

Forgiving ourselves and the acceptance of our humaneness is paramount to the well-being of our emotional status.

We learned by repetition; we often have to walk through a forest of failed attempts to find the path to success.

No child has learned to walk without multiple falls.

Addicts don’t outgrow their addiction without multiple tries, we gain by increments of improvements.

Our greatest deterrent is seeing disappointments as an end instead of as a valuable steppingstone in the right direction.

Removing Shadows

Morning Meds; 11 18 22

Shadow are usually old hurts and fears in need of healings.

Often the quickest way to remove a shadow it to look toward the light and spend less time looking at the shadow.

Sometimes if it is a shadow that lingers it becomes necessary to look at what is creating it.

A shadow can’t exist without something to create its image.

Most of them are stagnated emotional energy that need to be released.

Love, kindness, and acceptance opens doors.

Loves light doesn’t cast a shadow.

Indiscriminate Faith

Morning Meds; 11 17 22

Faith is as indiscriminate as water.

It will grow whatever it is poured upon.

If our lives seem to be sprouting weeds, we need to look at the packet of beliefs we are presently watering.

Faith is just another word for, I believe, and what we believe will always grow.

We are perpetually creative; this ability is as consistent as our breathing.

Railroad Switches

Morning Meds; 11 16 22

The power of the universe flows from within.

We sometimes cap it off with fear and doubt diverting its power towards apprehensions and worry, like a railroad switch diverting a train.

The energy and its abilities do not wane, it complies to where it is directed.

What it produces is not a judgment nor a reward of a watching Deity,
it is the result of which track we choice to direct its power.