Perfect Balance

Morning Meds; 8 2 19

Abundant riches flow from within, we are one with Source.

The world we perceive as outside of ourselves is a world of duality.

A world of constant change were opposites struggle to regain and maintain balance.

The world within, at our core, we can find our fulcrum point.

It’s the pinpoint of perfect balance.

Our Children’s Choices

Morning Meds; 8 1 19

We don’t know what choices our children made before they arrived in our lives.

Is it possible that some tragic event may be exactly what they dialed up to further their and your spiritual evolution?

Sometimes the good showing up through the bad, can take a long time.

Is it possible, they chose some event as an act of love to further your spiritual evolution?

Could it be that, without the tragedy you wouldn’t have searched with as much ernest.

The answer to, why did this happen, might just be that your children loved you that much.

The Other Side Of Duality

Morning Meds; 7 31 20

We are all enlightened souls clothed in the drag of humanity.

Have you thanked all the enlightened souls, who have hidden their divinity so well that their oneness with Source can barely be seen?

They are the ones that stir us enough that we really have to dig deep to realize our own oneness with Source so we can pull the love out of our core and forgive them.

We can properly thank them for their exquisite ability to act when we are reunited just the other side of duality.

Could it be that some of our greatest imagined faults and regrettable actions are part of a pryer agreement and that the realization of this could allow us to rescind the agreement and we could draw the unconditional love from our enlightened core and forgive ourselves and others?

We are all in this together, maybe more than we realize.

This is in no way an endorsement for inhumane behaviour, it is merely a alternative way to view our lives from the perspective of a place where duality is not the primary energy.

This bubble of duality is not the only bubble that could possibly exist in the endless expanses Infinity.

Infinity offers lots of different possibilities, might as well put them to use, they are eternally available to us.

Peacock Feathers

Morning Meds; 7 30 20

If every name, description and concept of God expressed by humanity through the thousands of years of civilization, could be seen as individual peacock feathers.

All these different beliefs with their representative deities would create a beautiful train.

Each separate feather with it’s contrasting beauty and magnificent complexity could be seen as worthy of adoration and worship.

How much more magnificent is the creative consciousness that birthed so many attempts to explain and capture it’s essence.

The feathers are all beautiful in their own way, but the peacock to which this train is attached still eludes our best attempts to fully comprehend it’s magnificence.

24th Wedding Anniversary

We have persevered through a journey of

Shared love, compassion and support.

Shared children, grandchildren, a great grandchild and another on the way.

Shared struggles, disappointments, tragedy and loss.

Shared hopes, dreams, passions and gratification.

Shared need, sufficiency, excess.

We are walking together through this experience called life,

connected by love,

an agreement called marriage,

the strength of our character and

the fragile thread of a shared vow.

I am grateful to be sharing it with an




compassionate and

trustworthy friend,

my lovely wife, Cheryl

Tearing Down Barriers

Morning Meds; 7 27 20

We tear down imagined spiritual barriers, by building ourselves up.

Seeing ourselves as strong, confident and competent creates strength.

Tearing ourselves down by shaming, ridiculing and criticizing our imagined shortcomings only makes barrier look more insurmountable.

Send love to imagined shortcomings to counterbalance the fears that erected them.

Realization that our barriers are our creations, gives us the liberty to make new choices and imagine new pathways so we can get on with our lives.

We have freewill to choose.

Continuing On

Morning Meds; 7 26 20

Endlessly through time and space

we continuously exist.




we undeniably continuing on.

Beams of light and love,

searchlights ever scanning the dark void of conscious creation,

endlessly expanding.

For that’s what we are,

Consciousnes expressed,

one within the whole,



energetically one.

Worlds visited through multiple incarnations,

float behind us,

bubbles of our experienced realities

left in our wake.