Snowballing Consciousness

Morning Meds 2 4 23

A little speck of me, a spark of Consciousness.

A pinpoint of energy, a magnet of attraction.

A snowball rolling down a mountain gathering more of the same.

A concentrated mass of similar energy vibrating in harmony.

Small matters matter when they are no longer small.

The power of attraction always draws more.

What we start rolling can become hard to control.

We can’t go to war with ourselves, a divided house will fall.

Change the vibration of the spark that rolled, those things attracted will fall away.

Traveling Companions

Morning Meds; 1 31 23

Generations of expansion on our repeated journeys as human spirits.

Each journey an opportunity to experience and create new realities.

Through our many journeys how many family members, lovers, friends, acquaintances and helpers have we interacted with?

We are surrounded by those who have loved us and traveled with us through all our various lifetimes for just as our essence is eternal so is theirs.

We are one, connected by experiences, spiritual genetics and intent.

Realizing that helps us to gather our courage and continue to expand.

Breaking Up with Yourself

Morning Meds; 2 1 23

This is a dream barely remembered.

All I could see were two fellow workers and a building with a door on it.

Next, I got up from a table and walked to kitchen sink. While I was running water, I thought about someone, I wasn’t sure who.

The thought was “I just won’t call any more.  I call on Friday and they will be mad because I didn’t tell them.”

It had a strong feeling of a relationship ending, but something new was coming. I was ok with it, but sad just the same.

End of Dream.

I am recently retired so it could be that, but it hasn’t had the feeling of a relationship ending. I think this retired gig is rather fun.

I journal every morning and when I looked back at yesterday’s entry, it had to do with how we evolve as a person in our personal growth.

There have been many changes in the last few years as I have endeavored to change my outlook towards myself and paint a more positive opinion.

What I once saw as the person I was, was a view from a box unopened.

After the box was opened and I was graced with a view into unlimited possibilities and spiritual worlds before unseen and since I worked to clamor out of the box to embrace them.

To know something and to fully embrace something is a process of change and old outlooks and behaviors can linger.

With perseverance and intent, we push forward until our new outlooks and new behaviors prevail and we can end a relationship with parts of the who we were and fully embrace the who we have become.

To fully be the who we have becomes often reaches a point where new behavior must be developed and pursued.

Ending a relationship with parts of ourselves even if they are no longer useful can be sad, it is a part of who we have been for a long time.

Within our essence is the blueprint of the who we have always been for all eternity.

Our challenges at this time are real, but they are superficial in comparison to who and what we truly are.

It could be that the dream was a picture of what I had meditated on that morning.

Dreams are gifts from within and beyond.

Write them down you would be amazed at all the information the offer.

Rippling Through

Morning Meds; 2 2 23

In our dreams we sometimes have old experiences that we hadn’t thought about for a long-time surface.

It could just be part of our continual evolution as human spirits, for we grow and heal in all areas of our lives concurrently although we might not be focused on each of our individual parts.

Things that seem to be worlds away are still being dealt with as we continually arrange and rearrange our beliefs based on our experiences.

This process often ripples into our dreams.

It is always an opportunity to be grateful for our growth and to accept any new insights they might bring.

New Year Resolution Request

Morning Med; 1 1 23

Help me choose to walk through the corridor between form and its reflection,

to the point of inflection,

to the now before inception,

to the fluctuating caldron of energy from which all things spring.

Let me learn to choose wisely,

to choose kindness over strife,

to choose love despite fear,

to choose the light above the shadows.

Chocolate, Berries, and Bean Pie

Morning Meds; 1 29 23

Chocolate, Berries, and Bean Pie
Three men face each other in a face-to-face circle, they are wearing an old style but modern clothing and they are arguing.

This is what I heard, “There is going to be a war now!”

“Three generations, a stitch out of time, like a chocolate, berries, and bean pie.”

End of dream.

My impression was that there must be a sequence of order when people are born and one of the three gentlemen was born out of sequence.

I didn’t think there was much I could do about that, definitely above my pay grade and it didn’t sound very plausible.

I don’t think that is something someone would screw up.
I definitely didn’t want it to apply to me, sounded like more problem-solving skills than I want to muster.

I didn’t get much when I followed it.

By looking up chocolate, berries, and bean as separate ingredients I found that all three are good signs in a dream.

Cocao is even drunk as a spiritual enlightenment tool in some cultures.

After I was done following the dream and as I started to work on some writing interests, the dream made sense.

A Facebook site I follow put up a goal challenge for the new year and being unable to settle on one goal I am chasing five separate interests.

Some on a daily basis and some that I want to do at least something on during the new month.

A stitch in time speaks of not neglecting something important because things are easier to do when they are fresh and before they create a problem.

The three people are my interests all arguing their case as to how important they are.

All three are great interests, but maybe not as a piece of pie.

While I was making my breakfast I looked out my window to the south and there were three large Crows in this large open lot that borders my yard.

They were close together and each of them walked away from the others almost as if the three people in my dream all turned about face and separated.

The message of the dream is, the farther I walk toward one goal the farther walk away from another.

Gifts from beyond.
The question for me is what is it telling me?
Cool dream.

Goose Dream

Morning Meds; 1 28 23

Short snapshot dream.

Looking out of my hallway window to the south towards a beauty salon.

This view is accurate with where I live.

At the east side of the beauty salon, I first see the silhouette of a full-grown goose. 

It stretched its wings one right after the other.

Then I see a silhouette of a child’s beginners bicycle rolling in front of her. 

End of dream.

When I followed the dream, I first thought about the goose and attempted to fly with it but was interrupted by thoughts of Mother Goose and the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.

I think that is why there was a child’s bike; a bicycle is also a symbol of traveling on a journey.

When I went with the idea of these children’s tales, I saw myself as an ancient wandering traveler entering a city and strewn along the path were gold coins. I could pick up whatever I needed as I continued.

There wasn’t any sense of urgency to collect them, and it carried the feeling that whatever I needed would be provided.

I recently had a dream where I received three bars of gold about the size of bars of soap from out of a paper towel dispenser.

I interpreted that dream sequence as having to do with writing.

When I looked up what a goose means in a dream one interpretation was, “determination, purposeful movement, and being an able pilot for our life’s journey.”

It also said that when they used quills to write, a goose quill was considered the best.

Thought it was a fun fact because I would like to write some children’s books.

Be Yourself Dream

Morning Meds; 1 17 23

I asked for light to flow into my core all night before I went to sleep, this is what I dreamt.


I was part of a role-playing group who were performing magic tricks.

Everyone was worried about how well they could perform.

I was thinking that if you are just yourself you will do alright.

When I first entered the hall where they were performing, I passed a booth where a marine biologist was sorting different species of marine life from one tank to another.

He was moving them one at a time from one long shallow rectangular glass tank into another showing me all the diversity there was.

End of dream

The message seems pretty clear, being yourself is always the best choice.

Just like the endless varieties of human beings, there are also many different parts of us within us.

What we have been taught to search for will stand front and center.

Many of us were not taught to search for our beauty, we were taught to hide the parts that made someone else feel uncomfortable.

As we begin to search within, looking for our beauty, we will find that being ourselves doesn’t have to feel like an act of rebellion, it can be a celebration of individuality and diversity instead.

The Well is Collasping Dream

Morning Meds; 1 27 23

This seems to be a continuation of the Catching the Pinstriped Seal Dream

Catching a Pinstriped Seal Dream

only there is a man-made stone well house surrounding the symbolism of the water.

Dream 1 24 23

The Well is Collapsing

I am working by a circular stone well house that is covered with a dome roof. As I am working on it I realize that the area around the well house is saturated with water and the whole structure is starting to tilt and could collapse into the soft soil as if the foundation is failing.

I start to explain to my dad what is happening and while I am explaining, I watched myself crawling inside of a large steel tank and repair some mechanism inside of it. It was something I had done in the past.

The tanks purpose is to hold water and was in a building next to the well house.

This building is also a radio transmitter station, it would house its equipment so it can broadcast.

(My dad worked as a disk jockey for about ten years. It was his presence in the dream that let me know that the building housed a transmitter.)

The dream shifts to being inside the building. There are two guys. (I assume they are my usual pair who have visited me in a lot of dreams)

One is seated to my left and one to my right. The one to my right has a great big box with a television in it. They are updating the building with new equipment. The one with the television box takes a box knife and slices right down the middle of the front of the box.

 I try to step in grabbing the edge of the box to stop him, telling him that he will damage the screen. He blocks my way and tells me to stop because I will pinch the blade.

End of dream.

When I followed the dream the word, attention came to mind, like pay attention to details.  I was also reminded of a poem I had written from another dream where the foundations of a church had failed.

The fact that the foundation had failed was what I needed to realize so I could proceed. I posted it on this site on May 30th.

These are some of my thoughts.

My first fear was concern that the well was going collapse, a well is not a requirement to have water it is the means of being able  to harvest the water. There was obviously no shortage of water (Spirit).

Repairs have been made in the past to the physical building that stores the water. That has been completed by me.

My concern is to be able to share what I am learning (transmitter)

My two friends are upgrading the equipment, the television brought thoughts of both being able to monitor the well and the idea of watching a show. (My two friends were seated in theater seats)

They know what they are doing. (Relax and enjoy the show, don’t pinch the blade)

They are ripping things open right down the center.

When I looked for an access point to enter the dream the well seemed to be the best spot. When I did, I was beneath the well in the ocean of Consciousness and I could see the stones from the bottom of the well dislodging and floating down into the blackness.

I just need to trust the process and immerse myself in the waters.

I need to stop worrying about the outcome or trying to control the outcome (building a well house) and realize that there is no way I can control something as large as the Consciousness.