Specimen bottles

Morning Meds; 9 14 21

Like bottles in a biology lab, we divide our mortal consciousness into collected specimens of thought.

Each thought contained and preserved on our collective shelves of awareness.

Each imagined:


physical ailment

mental blocks

unresolved traumas

unforgiven acts.



capacity to love

ability to endure

and their related strengths.

Each and every belief we use to define ourselves, is afloat in one of our jars.

Each jar is filled with manifestations fluid.

Manifestations fluid is a spiritual preservative

created through the process of

combining faith with intent.

When we feel a certain way all we need to do

is look at the labels

on our preserved beliefs,

our creating jars,

our samples of who we choose

to believe we are and

see if the lid is off.








Every experience we experience

is contained in a specimen jar

of our beliefs. What we believe to be true about ourselves defines us, but what defines us is always

a choice of what we choose to believe.

We are the collector who fills the jars.

The unseen biologist who decides what is kept.

The one who is capable of categorizing

and labeling the collection.

The who open or closes the lids.

The infinite creative

essence of Consciousness.

We are Consciousness first.

Being human was just a choice.

We choose an opportunity

to collect energy.

Remembering this was our choice,

opens our eyes and our lives

to new opportunities.


Morning Meds; 9 12 19

Duality demands opposite equilibrium, balance is paramount.

If you consider yourself to be your own worst enemy,

then you are equally your own best friend.

It depends entirely upon which side of the scale you choose to stand.

Choosing for yourself is the beauty of free will.

We often limit our human experience

by the lack of realization

of what is available to us. Everything is available.

Everything is expressed or unexpressed energy.