Akashic Records

This is my experience with finding my Akashic Records. I wasn’t looking for them at the time, nor did I realize what I was seeing till about two days after the introduction. I had heard of the Akashic Records and had a general idea of what they represented, but had never done any research into them, nor did I have any conscious intent to pursue them.

A couple of weeks prior to this, I had my second past life regression, 1it changed my life. Since then, when I meditate I often receive pictures and if I follow their lead, they will open up like a shamanic journey.

Early on as I practised this new meditative experience, I noticed a large square opening. I seemed to be hoovering about twenty feet above it. The opening had no handrails and water, about one to two feet deep, flowed into it from all sides like it was a giant drain. I could make out the shape of stone steps descending into it’s depths. The illusion of this stairway and the flowing water was surrounded by the the same sea of blackness and silence that I was immersed in. The water emerged out of nothingness from all directions and continually flowed into the stairwell. I know now that the water represents our concept of the passage time.

Before the regression I had used meditative visualization to undo beliefs and imagined boundaries in my life from time to time, but now the images seemed to be greatly enhanced. Part of the reason I had chosen to have the regression was in response to many years of chronic struggles with depression. Much of the emotional debris stems from an accident my mother had when I was incubating in her womb. While she was two months pregnant with me, she was backing out of a garage. The passenger door which she thought was latched came open and my 2 year old sister fell out. This was in August of 1955. Before she could stop she had ran over her. She died on the way to an hospital. If it is possible to inherit grief, shame and self hate I think I absorbed a lot if it. I don’t think I got a lot of happy hormones while she was carrying me.

I have nothing but respect for my mother and I have no idea of how she survived the trauma. I have come to believe that we agreed to share this grief and that it was essential to my present life experience. While she was passing through the final stages of what I assume was Alzheimer’s, I was gifted with some spiritual and physical events that helped me to free myself from much of this persistent feeling of grief and shame that I have carried most my life. I was also allowed to spiritually be a part of the reunion my mother and Becky shared after she passed. It came in the way of a dream and a physical experience that confirmed to me that they were reunited, but that’s a long story too. My mom surrendered to Alzheimer’s on 10/17/2018

This tragedy, that helped to shape my emotional chemistry, coupled with some personal events in my preteens, had left me with a lot of self hate and shame. The unconditional love I felt in the regression had been a tremendous healing event, but old struggles remained. I knew that this image repeatedly appearing during meditation was related to what I was wanting to eradicate from my life. This stairway looked to be a potentially emotionally dark place and I had no intention of entering its depths, even though I thought it was where I needed to go if I wanted relief. I knew that somehow that this stairway was an open door to healing. I also suspected it opened the door to a lot of old pain and I was not at all anxious to deal with it. The image persisted. When I finally mustered enough the courage to journey down, it was as if I floated down the stairs as an energy form like a conscious cloud. The stairs shifted into a long elevator shaft and opened into a huge hall with a white stone floor and an arched vaulted ceiling. It was approximately the width of a football field, but longer. The hall was shaped like a symmetrical transparent glass egg with a stem of light/glass attached to the top. It was through this stim that I had gained access. From a distance the enclosures appearance was similar to the shape of some Christmas ornaments. The thick stone like floor divided the glass bulb into an upper and a lower area. You could walk out the the edge of the glass and gaze off into infinity. An endless sea of Black. In the midst of the hall was a very long rectangular table, flanked with tall backed chairs. No one was seated at it, but I knew it was where elders, guides, counselors and deities could sit. To my left Anubis from Egyptian mythology, stood beside his scale as if ready to weigh my soul against the weight of an ostrich feather. (He showed up at the end of the regression and appeared again in a dream shortly after. Seems to be an old acquaintance and friend.) I knew I was their to unload my guilt and shame, not so much what a had inherited from my mom, but mostly what I had created and experienced on my own. I was asked if I was ready to see it. I said “I am.” I fully expected to see unbearable things and receive some type of great punishment. I braced myself expecting the worst. Again I floated in energy form, I passed down through the floor like a spirit into the lower area. It opened up into a huge geode, much larger than what could be contained in the confines of the imagined hall. Millions upon millions of protruding crystals extended out from its walls, they blended together creating a long cavern. I knew they extended farther than my eyes could see. It was beyond beauty.

I felt that I needed to float to my right, I passed over the forest of crystals and I was brought to a huge crystal cluster. The recording crystal was about 3 times my height and 8 feet across. There were a few smaller ones at it’s base. It was breath takingly beautiful, I instantly knew that this was the representation of the events that had held me in a prison of guilt for over 50 some years and instead of being repulsive, it was beautiful. I was completely different than what I expected. A release from pain and guilt lifted from my soul. This is the explanation that was impressed upon my mind.

Every thought, event, action we ever experience are recorded, they are imprints of consciousness. I just happened to see them as a vibrating crystal geode. The reason they are so beautiful is that every event that happens in our endless experiences is not judged by the interpretation of duality and human views. They are seen from a greater perspective. They are seen with a knowing of how and why they transpired and they are seen with the knowledge that all things are an act of love.

In this world many things are seen as bad, tragic, unfathomably evils and in this world they are. From war, to the deaths of innocents, starvation, disease, hatred, racism, genocide….the list goes on. When understood from beyond this world of duality, all these events that each human individually and collectively experiences are agreed upon prior to our arrival. Although they are not predestined as an unchangeable script, they are agreed upon by ourselves and with whomever they are sharing the experiences with. What we choose to do in relationship to what was agreed upon, ultimately creates new sets of possible choices and related outcomes. We dance a dance of choices with those around us. Each choice is governed by the laws of vibrational attraction and creative intent. The next energetic movements of our dance are created by our beliefs and our choices in response to previous choices and beliefs, yet a spiritual realization is always the theme behind the music.

The events, our choices, both wrong or correct, both harmful or beneficial, constantly create new choices and both sides of the spectrum are necessary for emotional understanding. Without an offence, there is no way to experience forgiveness. Without disease, there is no way to experience healing. Without the discomfort of hate, the relief of love cannot be realized. Wayne Dyer writes of this in his book Power of Intention. His derelict father choose to spend a lifetime of socially disdained behaviours and choose to suffer all the emotional discomfort that it would create for him so that Wayne could realize that resentment or love is a choice. He choose to forgive and that decision altered the course of his life. His father’s act of abandonment was in fact an act of sacrificial love, when seen from beyond the boundaries of duality. It was agreed upon by both and helped to propel Wayne on his journey. In the next life experience Wayne could choose to trade places with his father and his father would be afforded the opportunity to choose love over hate, forgiveness instead of resentment. Like a grand play, we loosely script situational possibilities before we incarnate, no one is locked into anything and changes and adjustments are always transpiring as we make our reactive or conscious choices. We are creative creatures of guaranteed free will. Without the opportunity to choose our possibilities before we arrive in a new life experience, or to alter our course, we would become hapless victims with no say in our living experiences. If we realize that we are not only a part of, but in fact instrumental in the events surrounding us, we can free ourselves from much emotional pain. We have free will. We can at anytime begin to recreate the direction that our lives seems to be going. When these thing do occur, we are always placed in the position to exercise our ability to choose or to react. We are and always have been responsible for our lives.

I realized in that moment that I had experienced innumerable amounts of incarnations and in this infinite amount of time, I may have committed evils in these past experiences that would make Hitler look like a saint, but along with those lives, I may have lived lives of great compassion and usefulness. Self pride and shame are removed in the light of nonduality. We are all equal in spiritual stature, equally good, equally bad. If it is not realized and or recognized in this life experience, it will be notably apparent just beyond the veil of duality. Purposeful choices allow ourselves and others to realize the full spectrum of human behaviours. It is through the impact of those behaviours, that the fullness of the energy associated with those behaviours can be assimilated into the knowledge of our belief reservoirs.

About two days after this trip into the geode, I was driving to work and clicked on YouTube to listen to something of a spiritual nature. What popped to the top was a talk about the Akashic records. That was when I realised what the geode represented.

Since this experience I have seen my Akashic records symbolically represented as a huge library. A galactic spider web, beaded with what looked like droplets of rain. Each droplet represents a life that can be explored. The repeated images produced by facing mirrors, each reflection a past experience and as a child walking through the great black void with a bubble wand continually blowing bubbles, each bubble glimmering in the darkness with the life experience it contains.

subscript: 1. (Why Meditative Imagery?)

Author: Kevin Burleson

My wife Cheryl and I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is retired and watches three of our 12 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. I work as a maintenance man at Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. I started writing spiritual related posts in 2018 and started sharing them on a few different Facebook sites. This site is to consolidate and re-share them. It is also to share short stories based on images seen while in meditation. My hopes are that it will inspire others to use the powerful tool of visualisation to enhance their spiritual journey. Thank you.

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