Searching For More Time

Morning Meds; 10 3 21

I wished to journey this morning,

just take a little spin.

Send out a bit of my essence,

my consciousness embracing silence.

Separating, like fragrance exiting a flask,

to drift unencumbered on etheric winds.

Our lives are so busy, so many things we wish to do.

Desires, wants and wishes,

pile up like driftwood,

caught by time’s ceaseless flow.

I wished to journey to where time sets it’s pace,

in hopes to catch a break.

Not finding a location,

assuming I had gotten lost,

I silently inquired of it’s whereabouts

and this was the reply.

Time has no special place,

it sets it’s pace in you.

It’s one of your illusions.

Without your illusion, it doesn’t exist.

It’s speed is set by your concerns.

If you feel your being robbed of it, it will fly right by.

If you feel you have to wait, it crawls at a glaciers pace.

You see it as a clock,

the mirrored image of

a planet circling a sun,

steadily spinning to dualities rhythm,

ticking off lengths of light and dark.

Duality at it’s best.

With duality comes

pleasure and pain,

joy or distress,

what you want and what you don’t,

everything is made to change.

Your not a victim here,

there are just parameters that apply.

You choose another round of humanesss,

It’s just the way it goes.

You create your illusion,

that’s always up to you.

Time will fall into step with whatever you wish to do.

Search deep within your core,

the answers are always there.

Lengthen the light,

lessen the dark,

find joy instead of pain,

trade in inpatients for acceptance,

enthusiasm over despondency,

activity, stops stagnation.

little steps move you forward,

dispare shuts you down.

There will always be duality,

Can’t have dark without the light.

Just like the clocks of old

couldn’t have a tick without a tock.

We are an infinite creative shimmer of divine energy,

choosing to dance with contrast in the illusion of time.

We can never create faster than we can imagine,

yet what we can imagine, can become true.

Our ability to create is one of our retained gifts of being divine.

Author: Kevin Burleson

My wife Cheryl and I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is retired and watches three of our 12 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. I work as a maintenance man at Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. I started writing spiritual related posts in 2018 and started sharing them on a few different Facebook sites. This site is to consolidate and re-share them. It is also to share short stories based on images seen while in meditation. My hopes are that it will inspire others to use the powerful tool of visualisation to enhance their spiritual journey. Thank you.

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