We are Light

Excerpt from morning meditation; 11 22 21 …….

How far does a light beam go? Can you see it’s total length? How much imagined time has it traveled through? Can we truly know it’s point of origin? We see a speck of light on a dark night and estimate how long it has traveled. We don’t see the origin of the light we only see the light that has arrived at this moment. We can imagine a point anywhere on it’s path and create a date in time, but it’s path is not a line, it is a continuous burst in all directions expanding endlessly. It just is, it has no points to measure, it has no place of ending. We are a bursts of light, not a single speck in the night. We are ever expanding in all directions as a continuous expression of Consciousness….

Author: Kevin Burleson

My wife Cheryl and I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is retired and watches three of our 12 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. I work as a maintenance man at Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. I started writing spiritual related posts in 2018 and started sharing them on a few different Facebook sites. This site is to consolidate and re-share them. It is also to share short stories based on images seen while in meditation. My hopes are that it will inspire others to use the powerful tool of visualisation to enhance their spiritual journey. Thank you.

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