Dream, Closing The Door

Dream… on 4 8 22

I don’t remember the early parts of the dream, but at the end I was standing beside a machinist helping him run a machine, facing south.

I turned to my right so as to look to the northeast and I saw this old guy, I thought it to be my employer, pushing the door shut and all the lights went off, leaving me in complete darkness.

I interpret most my dreams in a context of information concerning my imagined spiritual journey.

Symbolically South is my physical life, northeast is spiritual future events. Due north would be present tense spiritual situation.

The easiest conclusion would be some evil old entity was going to trap me in a room and I would be left in spiritual darkness.

That makes for a lot of drama and fear, not my cup of tea.

I realized that for me this old guy is always symbolic of the old belief system I am exiting.

He seems to be a frequent flier in my dreams, he even flipped me off once.

So the old guy, my boss, I’m sure is an aspect of myself.

When I meditate on a dream I always get information which I write down.

This is what I got when I meditated….

Is there anything that could close a door to Consciousness?

I think not, for any door is constructed of the same material.

The frame, the jambs, the trim, the hinges, the latch, the lock…..

The wall that supports the door, the walls that creates the enclosure, the ceiling, the floor…..

the human form who closed the door and turned off the light, even every thought about the experience.

They are all the same material, from the dream experienced to the imagination that imagined the separation.

Boundaries are only created in an atmosphere that believes in the possibility of separation and the contrasts of duality.

Beyond this imagined space we realize that all there is, is, All There Is.

The diversity and contrasts we see as dangerous or distracting are seen in their true context and they become a thing of useful symbolic beauty helping us to free ourselves.

There are no true boundaries when we travel by way of consciousness because we can see the whole illusion.

We realize we are so much more than what we experience, we are greater than someone trapped in a room.

We are one with All There Is.

We are Consciousness and can anything close a door to Consciousness?

4 10 22

Author: Kevin Burleson

My wife Cheryl and I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is retired and watches three of our 12 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. I work as a maintenance man at Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. I started writing spiritual related posts in 2018 and started sharing them on a few different Facebook sites. This site is to consolidate and re-share them. It is also to share short stories based on images seen while in meditation. My hopes are that it will inspire others to use the powerful tool of visualisation to enhance their spiritual journey. Thank you.

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