Humanoid Ecosystem

Morning Meds; 6 22 19

In attempting to balance my competitive tendencies, I often find myself dangling from the tight rope.

Often I’ve dropped the pole and felt as if I was hanging by my fingers over a cauldron of anger.

We are taught that it’s our competitive nature that drives us to be the best we can be, yet the best that we can be, is usually a comparison of ourselves against another.

We can’t judge ourselves without passing judgment on someone or something else.

I personally don’t know how to navigate my way through this yet, but anything or anytime we seek, we can always find answers.

The more I lament on what appears to be my weaker skills, the less opportunities I have to experience the skills I have.

We are all like plants in an ecosystem, I would say a garden, but a garden is a man made judgment call.

The plants in a garden are always chosen and planted because of their contribution, the unwanted and misunderstood are weeded out.

If it an human garden we refer to this as war.

We humans are not a garden we are more if an ecosystem, we all contribute even if our contributions are unclear to ourselves or others.

Today I intend to be the plant I am and be content with my fragrance or lack of, my smoothness or my thorns, independence or clinginess, my beauty or plainness and not belittle others or myself because I am yet to see the whole pictures.

Author: Kevin Burleson

My wife Cheryl and I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is retired and watches three of our 12 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. I work as a maintenance man at Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. I started writing spiritual related posts in 2018 and started sharing them on a few different Facebook sites. This site is to consolidate and re-share them. It is also to share short stories based on images seen while in meditation. My hopes are that it will inspire others to use the powerful tool of visualisation to enhance their spiritual journey. Thank you.

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