Dream, Four Crows, and the Burgundy Dragon

The magic of dreams and reveries.

A dream… (7 24 22) (9 9 22)

A young male child, maybe nine or ten holding a thin sword. He is standing in line with other children in rank-and-file military formation.

Putin calls the boy out to face him. The boy walks forward holding the sword in front of him and after he stops in front of Putin, he strikes downwards towards him.

Putin blocks the strike and tells the boy that it is not a good thing to do….

When I followed the dream, the first thought was of disciplining a child, as if the boy were symbolic of Ukraine, but what is happening in Ukraine is in no way comparable to disciplining a child.

I then assumed the child was me and that Putin was symbolic of an insurmountable task.

I had a dream reverie a month or so back where a sword dropped from the sky and pierced all my scattered thoughts and held them in place like an inverted receipt spike.

The context of the sword in the reverie was Excalibur or the sword that the archangel Michael yields.

It has been showing up in my meditations ever since.

In my pursuit of love and looking for ways to solve personal belief conflicts through the activation of love instead of coercion, a sword has never seemed a good fit for obvious reasons.

I followed the dream in my usual way, breathe and let the silence thicken, until I feel myself ingulfed in the Great Void.

I had a dream where I was visited by a Crane and when I followed it, I imagined myself to be the crane, matching my breathing to the movements of its wings.

Since then, I often imagine myself taking on the form of an animal and swimming in this silent sea of Consciousness.

It helps to me to separate from everyday wear and tear allowing me to view my world from a different perspective, often it presents more options on how to approach things.

I am going to share this in story form from the perspective of Four Crow’s, who is a modern-day apprentice in shamanic training.

It seems more interesting than I and me.

Four Crows’ in meditation had entered the Void as a harbor seal before the imagery begins to unfold…

Engulfed in the darkness of the Great Void Four Crows stands atop a gnarled stone. Dressed in a medieval tunic and grasping a sword with both hands he points it straight out from his chest. He is prepared for something, but he’s not sure what, he only knows that it will represent an overpowering fear.

A huge burgundy dragon appears out of the darkness, arching its wings and neck, it lands on the stone before him. A huge beast twenty times his size. A beast that feeds on the energy produced by one’s soul. Its fiery breath melts the heart and turns courage to dust. The fumes of the flames mesmerize awareness and paralyzes action until it is too late. During the stupor, best intentions fade into disappointments and when the paralysis lifts there comes the realization that the time for valor has passed in spite of your best intentions. The wounds from the flames leave sensitive living scars that respond to fear whenever its energy is near. The fear quickens the memories of past experiences, and the memory of the pain reactivates the old paralysis. In spite of the awareness only helplessness reigns.

Four Crows had only encountered the possibility of a meeting a dragon once before in his travels. He had chanced upon its lair after a journey to the island of the golden healer, she had pointed him towards a sphere of Consciousness deep in the sea where souls sometimes trap themselves by their beliefs. Those who exclude their available healing by beliefs of self-doubt and unworthiness.

As he swam away from the bubble, he had spied the entrance to the dragon’s lair near the lower parts of the bottomless sea, directly beneath the great starfish, Predominance, the overseer of the Taoist’s five elemental lakes of energy. The dragon’s entrance was a cave in the side of a cliff face. He was told that he must wait, now was not the time to explore. This was not the dragon he was hoping to meet.

Arching its neck, the dragon fired a wall of fire towards Four Crow’s. Four Crows bowed his head and looked away thrusting his sword into golden flames, the fire umbrellaed around him, the flames trailing past into the blackness.

The dragon intensified the flames causing the stream to fold in behind Four Crows. Four Crows bowed his head deeper searching within for a solution.

The words of his teacher whispered, “You can always change forms, it’s your experience.”

Quickly Four Crows changed the stone into water and instantly he and the dragon were submerged in the black sea. Four Crow’s took on the form of a harbor seal while the dragon floundered, thrashing its wings. In an instant Four Crows changed the water around the dragon into ice, restored the stone and returned to his human form. Sword in hand he advanced toward the block of ice. He knew he had to hurry for ice can’t hold fire for long.

The dragon contained and fully conscious fixed his eyes upon Four Crows. Aligning the sword with the heart of the beast he placed the tip of the sword against the ice, a stream of water began to trickle out as the sword melted through. Looking deep into the eye of the dragon he suddenly recognized it from an old dream.

In the dream he had been in a banquet room with small circular tables that would seat three. There was a stage set up for a speaker, but no one was at the podium, everyone was still arriving. He had sat down at the table with a large male figure. The man was dressed in a cream-colored hooded robe with large open sleeves. He somehow knew that the man was a teacher. Sitting sideways to the man he had turned to look at his face, but all he remembered seeing was his reptilian eye looking back at him. Green with a black elongated horizontal pupil, the eye drew closer until it was all he could see. He had awoken from the dream confused and somewhat frightened. Now this same eye looked back at him through the ice. He stopped pressing the sword.

Again, a whisper, “You can’t kill him, he is part of you. This is not a conflict between good and evil. It is a conflict between love and fear. It is the dichotomy of two opposing energies. Love is always strength and produces change towards a peaceful end. Fear always produces more turmoil and leaves situations unresolved. Forgiveness ends a thing, revenge continues it, laying seeds for future turmoil. It is the energy beneath a situation that needs to be changed if one hopes for resolution. It is in art of transmuting fear and its intensity into love.

The situations you face in your dream world are the creations of your thoughts. You’ve created them thought by thought, event experience by event experience. Your dream universe takes on forms that best express what you have designed. You can’t just kill us or this dragon for they have become a part of you. Together we exist as one. You must touch the heart of the matter and convert the fear into love. The other side of the coin is always as big as the side first seen and the intensity can remain the same. Use the intensity of this fear to change it into what is needed to overcome it.”

Four Crows continued to look into the dragon’s eye as the sword sizzled against the ice. He had also had an encounter with another reptile figure, Earl the alchemist. He had appeared to him in a reverie as he followed a dream where he was running and had climbed a steep hill. Earl, as he knew him now, was a reptilian alchemist that greeted him just over the crest of the hill.

When they met, Earl had reminded him that form doesn’t matter, it’s the energy beneath. He had offered to speak with him as an orb of energy explaining it was much closer to both their true forms. He wondered if the dragon and Earl were one in the same. The name Alfred came to mind, and he knew that they weren’t. *

Alfred silently spoke, “This heart is your heart, though you see it as mine, together our hearts lay as one in the heart of Source. You must touch this heart of fear to pass through its door. You can’t learn to transmute fear without encountering it. All the things you wish for lay just beyond its threshold. It’s your journey, you have chosen what obstacles you wish to face.”

Four Crows knew that the sword he held was but a form and that it represented Consciousness, for all things are accomplished through Consciousness. He gently pressed the sword into the ice toward Alfred’s heart. The dragons heart shined beneath the layer of scales, meat, and bone. As the point touched its surface, its portal opened, a fiery circle of red flames and a cave leading back into the dragon’s lair.

The mouth of the cave was in a sheer rock face as if knapped from flint. A huge dragon head knapped in relief pointed to the entrance. The pathway was layered in garnets and the inner walls and ceiling encrusted with large burgundy crystals.

Alfred spoke again, “Crystals are formed by fire, at least the ones that last. As you pass through you will become one with the heart and the fire of a dragon, turning what you see as anger into courage. You have fled from your fire judging it to be anger, wrath, and hate. Fire can be those things and have been in your life, but fire is what warms the air, it is the love in a parent’s heart, it melts the cold, incubate eggs, it is the energy that allows plants to grow. Fire is also love, courage, hope, and faith. Any element of energy can be many things and how it is used is the two sides of the coin. Cold is as deadly as heat especially if it is in the heart of a soul.

You have been shown the elemental sea of metal and its silver sheen. Lead to it by a pair of jackals, Persuasion and Perception. You have swum in the sea of elemental water introduced to you by the visit of a crane and it is where your comfort lies. Now you can enter the sea of elemental fire. For I am the guardian of its door.

Through the swirls of smoke Four Crows could see a distant landscape, a place he hadn’t visited before. It wasn’t a lake of fire or an inferno, it was a world of warmth and love. With towering mountains and valleys filled with life. A huge burgundy chalice stood alone in the center of a crystal-clear lake. Tall as castle tower and it was filled with a burgundy-colored liquid. “It is filled with faith, for courage and faith walk hand in hand. It is yours to have and there is no charge, it is and always has been free. As you pass through this portal we will be merged, but I must ask your permission to enter your heart. In return you will see through my eyes of love, and you will see what I see.

You have looked out from the portal of your heart into locations that others have not seen, but you have failed to search through the chambers of your own heart. You are unaware of what lies within. When searched with the absence of fear, courage and faith thrive and becomes dominant. It is the transition door to all there is.”

Four Crows saw his heart filled with a red glow and looking down through the portal of his heart, it appeared as a living tube with its interior edges defined by rings of moving white light. Thin lined halos like looking through smoke rings, it’s center opening into the dimensions he had grown to love.

Through the darkness he saw a figure rise with a jeweled outstretched arm. A slender female figure with fingers made of transparent crystals. Her whole body was made of crystals, her joints defined by different colored gems, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and topaz.

“She is made of quartz crystals.” thought Four Crows.

“No,” Alfred corrected, “she is diamond. Faith is her name, and she has the lamp of discernment, it is one of her gifts, she will help you to tell the difference between a lie and a truth so you can better see within. She is a gift and that is the most important truth. She has always been free, you’ve never had to be good enough to receive this gift, you just needed to believe. It is the same for all. She also holds the keys that fit into the keyholes of your heart so you can reexplore the many worlds within your soul.

It is important that you realize that she is as real as the pillow you are setting upon, not a mere fantasy. The world you experience spirituality is as real as what you define as physical and both are equally an illusion, for we are always first and foremost an expression of pure energy.”

You asked this morning, “How do I share these treasures I see? How do I pass on what I am learning?”

“It is simple, you just let the jeweled dancer dance and share what you see within.

* Alfred name means, Elfin Councilor. I thought that was cool.

9 9 22

Author: Kevin Burleson

My wife Cheryl and I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is retired and watches three of our 12 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. I work as a maintenance man at Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. I started writing spiritual related posts in 2018 and started sharing them on a few different Facebook sites. This site is to consolidate and re-share them. It is also to share short stories based on images seen while in meditation. My hopes are that it will inspire others to use the powerful tool of visualisation to enhance their spiritual journey. Thank you.

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