The berg beneath the sea.

I saw an iceberg this morning

as I sat in meditative quiet.

It floated in a sea of consciousness.

I knew it represented me and suddenly

I wished to see my greater parts,

the berg beneath the sea.

Energy, solidified just enough to maintain a form,

sticking up above the shimmer.

The invisible formless consciousness,

the totality of myself,

extends beneath forever.

Particles of divine expression

arranged in their own unique way.

Every expression of consciousness

I have ever thought myself to be.

Every form I ever formed,

everything I will ever be.

Within my core lays the access points of any question

I’ve ever asked and

to all the answers found.

Just waiting there within my core,

waiting to be explored.


If we are all one?

Isn’t everybody, everybody?

and anybody’s actions, everyone’s?

So anyone’s actions

are actions of my own?

and any actions of my own

are now the actions of everyone?

Any judgment against myself

is a judgment against everyone else and

any judgment against anyone else

instantly becomes my own.

So the more we choose to love ourselves

often inspite of how we were taught,

the more everyone will love themselves

by this simple compassionate act.

The more we choose to forgive another,

the more we forgive ourselves.

The more love we share with anyone,

the more love that will be felt by everyone.

So why were we taught that changing the world is hard?

Everybody is everybody.

Threat yourself like a loved one and

in ripple effect

everyone will too.

We are all one.