Dream, Fried Chameleons

Morning Meds; 2 25 22

Everyone interprets their dream in their own way.

I always look at them from a spiritual perspective as if they are a gift from higher aspects of reality.

This is a recent dream and how I interpret it. Maybe it will be helpful to someone else.

…. Standing on a tall hill looking off to the southwest

(South is physical, west is past, southwest is this physical world in the past; by what I see it is still close to this present moment.)

Below is a suburban area where all the streets are torn up, major reconstruction underway. A few of the houses are torn down, just the brown footprints of where they stood remain.

(The old paths are being removed to make room for the new.)

Looking to the southeast.

(Southeast is this physical world future)

I could see the same deconstruction going on, but in the near distance I could see a large, white, old five story mansion.

It stood in a larger scale than the disarray surrounding it and the remaining homes.

Next; I was entering a house east of the main street that divided the suburb.

(The main street would symbolize now; it runs due north and south)

The house wasn’t mine, but I didn’t feel as if I had broken in, but at the same time I didn’t want to disturb the household. I didn’t feel comfortable at home.

I could see the ceiling of the room, but I could also look past it, as if part of the roof was removed and could see the five-story house to the northeast.

(North is spiritual)

I turned to my right to face due south and there to my right (close past) is a gas stove with the front left burner going.

On top of the burner are two chameleons facing each other, both are completely engulfed in flames.

I quickly removed them from the flame, but they were real crispy….

(Two objects often represent duality, three object seem to represent spiritual concepts)

Next; I am in an adjacent room changing my clothes, putting on some clothing that were draped over the back of a chair….

End of dream.

I have recently finished a process of letting go of some belief barriers I have created for myself.

The two chameleons represent those persistent fears.

I am a animal lover and seeing them up in flames was disturbing. They had their little front leg reaching towards each other.

But as to what they represent, God rest their wee little souls, I hope they are toast.

They are chameleons because I was recently shown that I was battling behaviors, instead of the beliefs that caused me to fear the behaviors.

The two beliefs are.

One; the necessity of a complete Old Testament style purity to approach a higher power, i.e., God. With the God of the old no one never ever quite good enough.

Two; The fear of other people’s disapproval of how I am now experiencing my spiritual world.

These fears were camouflaged as behaviors when what was needed was to change the beliefs that created the fears.

Fears are the root of most unwanted behaviors. Change the beliefs and the behaviors no longer have the power we instilled in them.

I am not well versed on the belief that we are moving as a planet to a 5 D existence, but a five-story house could quite easily represent that concept.

If it is that, then it is a promising sign that there are clothes laid out for me and I am changing into them.

It is better than standing on the other side of the street on the middle of the construction site chasing chameleons around.

Fun dream.