Blue Lotus

I am a blue lotus

I bloom in subdued light,

a halo in the darkness.

My circular pad,

a shimmer of consciousness

rippling on the surface of eternity.

My stem descends through the black waters.

My roots spread deep into the black mud of Source.

The substrate sparkles like diamonds.

I choose to accept my beauty.

I am a blue lotus

A perpetual thought of existence

expanding through eternity.

Shimmering in a pool of bliss,

growing in the sea of infinite possibility.

I process my existence through a mirage of imagined realities,

dreams and meditative splendor.

All are illusions projected on the receptive screen

of formlessness that surrounds me.

In my heart I know,

I have never strayed from home.

This is a poem of hope and proof that beliefs that foster low self-esteem and depression can be changed. 5 23 21

Spiritual DNA

Wonders within

Deep in our soul

Connections throughout eternity

From before and to come

Lifetimes of peril and of pleasure

Our conquests and failings

Spiritual gains and selfish stumblings

An endless array of endeavors

As we replant our essence

In the soil of the illusion of time

To grow, fruit and die

Lifetime after lifetime

Peeling back layers of amnesia

We see shimmers of our existence

Strung like Pearls

On our coiling stands

Our spiritual DNA

A New, This Morning

Morning Meds; 9 23 21

Opened my eyes to a new, this morning,

wondering what lay in store.

Remembered to toss Murphy’s Law in the trash,

decided what could go right, should.

The Universe is always conspiring to help me,

expect most everything will be fine.

Celebrate Your Core

Morning Meds; 9 22 19

Celebrate Your Core

For each of us, unprecedented strength and knowledge awaits us in the center of our core.

Strength that can alter our perceptions and beliefs.

Strength that can transform our vibrational essence.

Strength that ultimately opens our eyes, so we can realize our true formlessness and our abundant energies.

There’s no place better to go than in.

Celebrate your core.

Circumstances are not scrambled eggs

Circumstances are not scrambled eggs. Circumstance and emotions come as a single unit, much like the yoke and the white of an scrambled egg. A scrambled egg can’t be separated back to yoke and white, but circumstance can be separated from emotions.

We just need to see ourselves as an observer of our life for a short period of time.

When a circumstance is viewed without the attached emotions it becomes neutral. Once neutralized by this changed perspective, the emotions and the circumstance, stand alone. At that point we become free to choose.

All emotions are a transfer of energy based on a belief. If we alter the belief, the emotions will follow.

Ask yourself;

Could this circumstance be seen as an opportunity instead of a disaster? A small deal instead of a big deal? Common wear and tear instead of something out to get me?

The energy of an emotion can also be viewed separately. When they are alone they are easily recognized. From a different perspective they can be felt and dealt with accordingly.

Oh, this is anger or fear, maybe disappointment.

This recognition brings us to the point where we can act instead of react.

Anger, e.g., is this worth the discomfort, maybe I can let this go?

Fear, e.g., how great is the danger? It’s ego threatening, but not life threatening.

Disappointment, e.g., I’m sad, I’ll feel it awhile, but this will pass.

The small step of seeing yourself as an observer of your life, instead of an endurer, opens many new opportunities for yourself.

Feelings are there to be felt, they are our energy gauge that teaches us what we believe, our likes and our dislikes. They teach us who we are. Discovering how they work can help use navigate our lives more comfortably.