Continual Pruning

Morning Meds; 9 25 21

Continual pruning will stunt a plants growth.

Continual self criticism will stunt spiritual growth.

We spirituality flourish if we create a pathway that leads to an acceptance of the perfection of where we are at, at any given moment and the realization that growing pains are just part of our journey of realization.

Shame is the worst, it’s the like using Round Up to promote growth.

Intelligent encouragement is the fertilizer that causes us to thrive.

We are at our best when we feel good and at our worst we we feel bad.

Coach yourself with words, thoughts and beliefs of encouragement.

We flourish in an atmosphere of acceptance and self-love.

Put your shears away, give yourself a hug and see your beauty within.

Beautiful Eyes

Morning Meds; 9 25 19

I choose to see the beautiful me,

The one I never could see.

The one, buried beneath erroneous beliefs,

Beliefs covering the real me.

I choose to be the beautiful me,

The one I always was.

The one who is a spark of Source

Birthed from unconditional love.

Choose to see the beautiful you,

Don’t be tricked by religious or social lies.

Peer down deep within your soul

There’s nothing but beauty inside.

Choose to be the beautiful you.

It’s not something you need to hide.

Let the love of Source within your soul

Shine out through your beautiful eyes.

We are all in this together.

Blue Lotus

I am a blue lotus

I bloom in subdued light,

a halo in the darkness.

My circular pad,

a shimmer of consciousness

rippling on the surface of eternity.

My stem descends through the black waters.

My roots spread deep into the black mud of Source.

The substrate sparkles like diamonds.

I choose to accept my beauty.

I am a blue lotus

A perpetual thought of existence

expanding through eternity.

Shimmering in a pool of bliss,

growing in the sea of infinite possibility.

I process my existence through a mirage of imagined realities,

dreams and meditative splendor.

All are illusions projected on the receptive screen

of formlessness that surrounds me.

In my heart I know,

I have never strayed from home.

This is a poem of hope and proof that beliefs that foster low self-esteem and depression can be changed. 5 23 21

Spiritual DNA

Wonders within

Deep in our soul

Connections throughout eternity

From before and to come

Lifetimes of peril and of pleasure

Our conquests and failings

Spiritual gains and selfish stumblings

An endless array of endeavors

As we replant our essence

In the soil of the illusion of time

To grow, fruit and die

Lifetime after lifetime

Peeling back layers of amnesia

We see shimmers of our existence

Strung like Pearls

On our coiling stands

Our spiritual DNA

A New, This Morning

Morning Meds; 9 23 21

Opened my eyes to a new, this morning,

wondering what lay in store.

Remembered to toss Murphy’s Law in the trash,

decided what could go right, should.

The Universe is always conspiring to help me,

expect most everything will be fine.

Celebrate Your Core

Morning Meds; 9 22 19

Celebrate Your Core

For each of us, unprecedented strength and knowledge awaits us in the center of our core.

Strength that can alter our perceptions and beliefs.

Strength that can transform our vibrational essence.

Strength that ultimately opens our eyes, so we can realize our true formlessness and our abundant energies.

There’s no place better to go than in.

Celebrate your core.