Holding Faith’s Hand

Morning Meds: 11 9 22

If you could hold faith’s hand, which mountain would you remove, but if this mountain was removed, what beauty would be lost in its absence?

The beauty of its existence and grandeur would never be discovered or appreciated.

The opportunity to scale its challenges and stand triumphantly on its summit would be forfeited.

If possible, embrace the mountain and experience what can be gained in its climbing.

Instead of asking for the faith to remove the mountain, ask for the faith to remove the doubt about the ability to thrive in any situation.

Our core essence is 100% Source energy we are much stronger than we realize.

Imagining Better Things

Morning Meds; 11 8 22

“Not much you can do about it.” Is a common refrain, it seems to be an echo of disappointment, physically this is often true.

But you can always imagine better things or imagine disappointments to be the start of something new.

A landslide reveals a hidden treasure site, or the loss of a job makes way for a better one.

Imagine a family members life improving,

Imagine a friend receiving a healing even if it is a gradual improvement,

Imagine a conflict with another softening or dissolving.

We create our reality and all of it begins with a thought, so do the things you can do, imagine better things and create anew.

Submerged Capabilities

Morning Meds; 11 7 22

Incredible capabilities shimmering just beneath the surface each within hands grasp.

Like gathering pebbles from a brook, nuggets of gold from a stream, seashells from tidal pools.

Doubts can cloud the waters, ripples can distort our view, unawareness impedes the search.

Faith, quite and realization clear the way so our hands of intent can gather what resided within our soul.

Healers and Teachers

Morning Meds; 11 3 22

Our ability to heal ourselves is part of our incarnated package deal.

We often just need healers and teachers to point the way and remind us.

Healers and teachers often open the doors to our memories and help to remove our spiritual amnesia that we are born with.

They touch a part of us, and it is quickened.


Morning Meds; 11 2 22

Changing beliefs is a like housekeeping.

It is easy to track in unuseful things, our broom is our emotions, how does this make me feel, is this trust or is this fear?

Trust, compassion and love uplift and bring calm, fear always stirs the pot.

Cleaning house is usually more of a process of discarding than of acquiring.

Sweeping out the undesirable is a matter of choice.

We are blessed with creative freewill, if fear lingers, we sometimes need to remove its source, it is often a stain like memory or teaching, sometimes we need to replace a belief completely, but it is always a freewill choice.


Morning Meds; 10 30 22

Confidence is the result of repeated success.

When a toddler continually repeats the same action as dropping a shape through an appropriate opening or screwing a lid back on a container, he is cultivating confidence.

The fifteenth time a book is read is as pleasurable as the first because they know what is coming and they feel the joy of success.

I wonder how it affects them when they are told that something is a no, but at some later date it is a yes.

I am making no claims to child psychiatry skills, but I thought it was always interesting when my toddlers and grandchildren would reach out to touch some object they were not allowed to handle, and they would stop and look at me waiting for a response.

“No, you can’t touch that, it will break.” I’d say and they would smile and go about their business until it was time to practice parenting again.

I wonder if the smile was the touch of confidence they felt when they knew they knew the answer before they tested the outcome.

Cheryl and I have always put both choices on lets say the coffee table so there were touchable things, no one wants to live in a world of nothing but no.

I wonder how much disservice I/we have done to our children when our no doesn’t mean no.

Instead of confidence in their ability to assess a situation they are faced with confusion on what they thought they had learned.

Food for thought.

Shrinking Situations

Morning Meds; 10 26 22

There are personal situations where other people’s feelings are involved and there are situations where it is the world around us.

This is for those situations happening around us where we have little say in what happens.

Different views produce different results, if you see a thing as huge thing then it will be huge thing.

If you see it as a small matter, it will shrink accordingly.

Shrinking a matter returns our ownership of our emotional continuance.

We can decide how we prefer to feel about a thing.

Ask yourself, how would it look if its importance was removed or how would it look if there were overriding certainties?

Its importance is, although it is important does it effect my life at this moment?

What was a big deal can be reduced by seeing how much potential for thriving in any situation we have when we realize our true stature as spirits living in human bodies, that is an overriding certainty

We are bigger than situations.

Sometimes our concerns about situations can steal away our peace.

We always have the ability to take our power back.

This is away to pause and regroup so we are not needlessly giving away our peace of mind.

Bag of Depression

Morning Meds; 10 23 22

For those of us who have suffered from depression or still are, the world can become a dark place.

It makes it nearly impossible to see hope.

We often stand in the center of paradise with a black bag over our head and wondering why our world isn’t going better for us, it seems impossible to lift the bag and free ourselves.

All the while the light of our essence burns within calling us to look inside so we can find, touch, and feel the warmth of our eternal light.

It is a few breaths away, at the edge of slowed thoughts, at the place were silence starts to thicken like a morning mist.

Universes of Beauty

Morning Meds; 10 21 22

We seldom see the totality of anyone, we only see what we believe them to be.

We seldom see the totality of ourselves, we only see what we believe ourselves to be.

Within everyone universes of beauty thrive hidden from us by our judgments.